Koumakis, a leader in power transmission products in Greece, manages its warehouses with Logistics Vision Suite

Koumakis (Emm. D. Koumakis S.A.) was founded in 1979, embodying the vision of its founder to create a dynamic and innovative company in the industrial products serving the power transmission, conveying and manufacturing specialized equipment for industrial use.

Today the company is housed in facilities owned factory space, administration offices and warehouses in the industrial area Thessaloniki. It has also production facilities, warehouses, private shops, showrooms and offices trafficking in Thessaloniki, Athens and Heraklion in Crete, in a total area of over 22,000 sq.m. Furthermore, it has subsidiaries in Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo and FYROM.

As part of their evolving investment plan Koumakis understood the need to invest in a modern Inventory management system and a Warehouse Management System to run the company’s warehouses.

Koumakis has invested in the Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis in order to reorganize their supply chain sector, through which, all Logistics management is performed, targeting the full coverage of any special needs and demands from their customers.

In parallel Koumakis has invested in and installed the Inventory Vision software by Mantis for higher levels of customer service and lower costs in inventory management. In this way, the company has achieved the highest level of service in combination to the reduction of the company’s stock.