Kerama Marazzi, the leading player in the Russian tile market elevates its Logistics operations with Logistics Vision Suite

Kerama Marazzi, established in 1988, is Russia’s leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles and finishing materialswith a vast retail chain of brand stores in Russia and abroad.

The production of Kerama Marazzi tiles began in 1992, when a joint Russian-Italian company began producing ceramic tiles at the new Velor Factory. The company’s production facilities are based on two factories located in the city of Oryol and the village of Malino, Stupino Region. The first plant is the main and largest enterprise in Europe in the production of ceramic tiles and decorative elements.

The company is constantly working on the modernization of its production, offering customers a high-quality and wide range of products at affordable prices. Kerama Marazzi is developing a branded trading network, the product line is presented in multi-brand and specialized stores for household goods. Products are available for buyers in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, the CIS, Northern and Eastern Europe.

Thanks to constant investments in production and the introduction of modern innovative technologies, the company is one of the five leaders in the production of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles and has been holding its position for more than 10 years.

For the further growth of Kerama Marazzi hence the expansion of its production, the company launched a project to automate its logistics operations. As part of this strategy, the company decided to implement Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis in the warehouses of the factory in the city of Orel. The project for the modernization and optimization of warehouse operations includes the automation of the logistics warehouse as well as the warehouses of finished goods in production. Logistics Vision Suite is planned to be implemented in all phases of production, of raw materials and finished goods, which will allow it to manage all warehouse processes: acceptance, movement, replenishment, placement, selection, packaging, labeling, document generation, shipping.

The choice of a warehouse management system in favor of Logistics Vision Suite was made after an analysis of all the industry related WMS’. Among them LVS proved to be the most flexible and adaptive solution ready to fulfill the needs of the tiles production industry.

Upon completion of the implementation project, the enterprise will be able to effectively manage a wide range of SKUs, significantly increase the pace of processing products and increase the number of shipped orders.

At the moment, a production warehouse is already deployed as well as one of the finished goods warehouses. The implementation of Logistics Vision Suite in all warehouses of finished products is planned till mid-2020.

ant-tech, Mantis very successful partner in Russia, is the implementor of LVS at Kerama Marazzi.