Karsan, the leading Unilever Distributor of Turkey selects Logistics Vision Suite for its distribution center

Karsan is a very important investment of Mete Group, offering distribution services for Unilever products since 1981. The company has rapidly expanded its area of activity throughout the country in years and gained Unilever‘s by its service quality. As a company with almost 40 years of distributor experience, Karsan has become an organization, has 700 trucks and almost 90,000 sq.m. total distribution indoor area.

Karsan needed a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS) to run its crucial Fast Moving Consumer Goods operations. Karsan needed a WMS with excellent replenishment and picking accuracy which is vital for FMCG operations. Furthermore, Karsan needed an effective pre-packing performance especially for its customer Lipton.

Karsan has selected Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) by Mantis. Now, Karsan confident in LVS operation ability to cover all different stages of their FMCG operations. LVS standardizes replenishment and pre-packing processes, and improve picking accuracy. Additionally, a flawless integration between LVS and their ERP was implemented which is indispensable for their operation also.

With the implementation of LVS, Karsan operates with efficiency while it will offer much more reliable services by take advantage the traceability capacity of LVS.

Now, Karsan has a flexible solution that can easily adapt to market’s ever changing requirements.

All the project and implementation period was handled by Trinoks A.S. the very experienced partner of Mantis in Turkey.