Herlitz Romania, the leader in office supplies, successfully uses Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis for its warehouse operations

With a registered turnover of over 8.5M Euro in 2013, Herlitz Romania is part of the German Herlitz Group, with subsidiaries in 6 European countries and long experience in manufacturing and retail of office supplies. Over the last 100 years, its reliable school and office products for everybody, at a fair price, have made it one of the most well-known stationery brands in Germany. Herlitz took this path as early as the 1960s and was the first company to introduce functional products such as colouring pads with trendy motifs. Today Herlitz has a wide product range of office supplies and stationery in fashionable designs, for people who want to make everyday life more beautiful and colourful with trendy products.

Herlitz‘s sales and resources growth in Romania forced its digital transformation with a new ERP and Warehouse Management System (WMS). Herlitz Romania selected SeniorERP from Mantis valued partner Senior and Mantis flagship WMS, Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), for the traceability and safety of data, the simplification of operations the optimization of picking processes and the diminution of human errors.

In regards to managing the warehouse-specific activities, the implementation of LVS by Mantis meant upgrading to a more advanced WMS, which gives Herlitz Romania optimization and better control over their warehouse, especially since it is integrated with SeniorERP. The advantages gained were: a more efficient means of organizing the warehouse and the managers’ activities, the optimization of the picking process while obtaining a better overview of the entire storage space.

“The company’s growth required the improvement of the workflow, even the addition of new processes, molded by the needs of the market. In order to achieve this, we needed an efficient and flexible software system. Some of the benefits obtained were: simplified operations, lowering the risk of human errors, traceability, data security and an efficient reporting system.”
Mihai Muresan, IT Manager of Herlitz Romania.