Heinrig Distribution in Romania evolves implementing Logistic Vision Suite to optimize its logistics operations

Heinrig Distribution is an importer and distributor of cigarettes, cigars, alcoholic beverages and wines. The company has been operating in Romania since 2003 and in 2015 it has recorded a turnover of 72 million EUR, 15% higher than the previous year.

The rapid development of the business and, consequently, the increased complexity and volume of the warehouse operations, led Heinrig to take the the next big step, after ERP and BI. Their evolution was bound to come and therefore Heinrig needed to invest in a Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The company selected Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis, the leading provider of logistics systems and consultancy, to automate specific warehouse operations. Logistics Vision Suite improved the logistics activity, thus representing the next stage in the development of the company.

Now Heinrig Distribution manages its logistics operations in an integrated manner. By using Logistics Vision Suite, Heinrig managed to increase warehouse employees’ productivity and reduce the orders preparation time. By structuring the operations and implementing well-established procedures, the employees followed the working steps and became more organized. For example, LVS’ intuitive interface allows employees to easily check order status or product features.

The integration of LVS with their ERP and Business Intelligence solutions has led to connecting all departments, giving managers an overview of the key components of the business. This complete software infrastructure helped the company to constantly improve operations and achieve high levels of efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness to market changes, as proof of the constant growth of the company’s turnover.

Logistics Vision Suite was implemented by Senior Software, Mantis‘ partner in Romania. The company has also implemented SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI developed in-house.

“After using Logistics Vision Suite the feedback from the warehouse employees is more than positive. They received it with optimism and enthusiasm because they noticed the importance of process control and how the workflows imposed along with the platform implementation help them in everyday activities. Such a system allows you to know exactly what to do with all products and what was their historical route, to make thorough checks on activities and to constantly check the training level of each employee in the warehouse. Such a tool is needed within the company if you want performance.”
Raluca Loghin, Purchasing Manager, Heinrig Distribution