HB Body a major Greek producer in the refinishing industry has selected Logistics Vision Suite

HB Body produces and distributes products for the automotive refinishing industry. HB Body S.A. is based in the Industrial Area of Sindos in Salonica, in private-owned establishments of 120,000 sq.m. from which 80,000 sq.m. take over the warehouse and the supply chain establishments.

Ninety percent (90%) of its production is exported to seventy-five (75) countries across the world, whilst holding the leading position in the Greek market. HB Body has subsidiaries in United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Spain and marketing offices in Serbia and Russia. HB Body also has a distribution center in Athens.

HB Body‘s intense activity in a productive and commercial level has imposed the use of an integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) which would be able to manage the volume and complexity of activities related to store, management and distribution of its goods.

This is the reason why Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis is selected. Finally, the flexibility Logistics Vision Suite offers was an absolute for HB Body.

The project was implemented by Mantis Greece.