Hagim, a group of diverse companies in Israel implemented Logistics Vision Suite in its logistics site in Israel

Hagim Nehalim Group Holds is a group of companies like Intex a provider of swimming pools, Berman a provider of office supplies, Nehalim a distributor of camping gear, Modan a producer of bags, Alfit a producer of Toys.

Thousands of picking lines are executed every day in Hagim. Because of such a volume and in order to achieve high productivity and accuracy Hagim needed a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that would be adaptable to such needs.

Hagim Group selected Logistics Vision Suite and Mantis Israel because of its flexibility and adaptability in so many different areas of goods managed.

Multi depositor implementation was performed to fulfill each company’s business needs. Planning distribution routes, based on which creation of shipments and orders allocation to distribution trucks were deployed as well as Order Consolidation to allow faster picking.

In packing, touchscreen packing stations were installed and implemented.

The project was complicated mainly because of the need to go-live with both ERP, WMS and TMS at the same time.

The project was a success and the proof is that within a few days, Hagim Group managed to deliver all pending orders to its customers with high accuracy and on time.

“We thank Mantis for their hard work and devotion to the project accomplishment. It was not a simple challenge and we managed to do well because of the professional people who took responsibility all the way. Mantis LVS improved and upgraded Berman and Hagim Group logistics abilities.”

Shai Elitzur, CEO, Berman Group