Filuet RS, the Russian arm of the Filuet Group international logistics operator, runs Logistics Vision Suite

Filuet RS, the Russian arm of the Filuet Group international logistics operator, provides contract logistics services to the direct selling industry. The company, which operates in the Russian market since 1992, has expert knowledge of the organizational and operational principles and practices of the direct selling industry. The operator offers its customers a unique set of logistics solutions designed to suit individual customer needs. The latest technologies are selected and implemented by Filuet, in order to build an effective integration with each client, improving the manageability and transparency of the client’s processes.

Filuet RS, being a high class logistics operator, could not select anything else than an international class WMS such as Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) that is proven in the market as the WMS of choice for large and medium logistics operators. LVS was implemented in one of the warehouses of the operator, with a total area of o​​ver 4,000 sqm, a capacity of 4,500 pallets and 21 concurrent users. The warehouse includes a mezzanine and a conveyor belt with flow racks to efficiently support small size orders.

Among the interesting features of this project were the following:

  • The implementation of sets (in addition to pieces) through LVS‘ kitting module.
  • The automatic generation of shipping documents that are compliant with the courier service of the Russian Post. The printing is easily initiated by the users through their own RF terminals that retrieve in online mode the proper formats from the official web site of the Russian Post.
  • The weight and volume of shipping units (boxes) is automatically captured and controlled through an automatic / tight integration with weighing equipment CAS.
  • LVS exchanges electronic data with the ERP systems of the operator’s clients through Microsoft‘s BizTalk Server.

ant Technologies team implemented the project in time and provided us with an excellent post-implementation support. The system has broad functionality and flexibility that greatly facilitates the implementation of any type of logistics process and task”.

Yuri Mikhailov, Project Manager, Filuet RS