The Euro-Asian Logistics Company in Ukraine increases warehouse operations efficiency with Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

The Euro-Asian Logistics Company (EALC) was founded by Andrei Radchenko to use his extensive experience in this area.

Currently the company operates as a 3PL operator that is integrating its operations into 4PL logistics to provide a higher level of logistics services.

EALC offers a wide range of services that involve transportation and warehouse logistics, Customs services, cross-docking operations, fulfillment, planning and project management of all stages of a supply chain.

The warehouse of the company operates on Mantis WMS Logistic Vision Suite (LVS) that enables EALC to increase operational efficiency, improve warehouse processes, increase the volume of handled goods, decrease shelf stock, avoid human factor and have a high KPI level as well as very low amount of errors.

This also provides necessary information on a real-time basis. LVS is also integrated with TMS system(Transportation Management System) that enables EALC to coordinate operations between the warehouse and vehicles, which in turn increases efficiency by reducing vehicle idle time and helps to optimize the routing.

The next goal of EALC is to expand not only around Ukraine but internationally, increase freight turnover and, what is more important, to implement technological innovations that will boost efficiency.

To fulfill this goal EALC relies on Mantis to cater to their ever-changing needs and requirements both in terms of users and functionality. For Mantis the project is ongoing and ever evolving, and a living proof of how an expanding Logistics Service Provider can support its operations, treating the LVS platform as a business enabler for its organization and not as a simple operational tool.

Having started with Mantis LVS in Kyiv EALC is expanding around Ukraine. The concept of the chain involves the opportunity to make an online order that will allow the company to be integrated with e-commerce. In both cases having advanced warehouse technology will allow EALC to handle delivery of orders to a consumer in a store or home is essential.