Eltrans Plus increases its 3PL efficiency with Logistics Vision Suite in Russia

Eltrans Plus is a 3PL provider in Russia and offers a full range of logistic services based on specific requirements such as international transportation, customs clearance, cargo transportation – expedition service (air-freight, sea-freight, overland), warehouse storage, cargo insurance, consultancy etc.

Eltrans Plus develops and offers industry – specific solutions adapted to customers product and market needs. This saves time and ensures that their clients purchase what they exactly need at the right price.

Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) was chosen for its adaptability, flexibility hence enabling fast changes based on clients’ needs and increased efficiency.

LVS now manages all the warehouse processes: receiving, put-away, work with damaged goods, work with buffer cells, replenishment, kitting, packing, checking, shipment, inventory etc.

After the implementation of LVS at Eltrans Plus, the company can offer individual billing (detailed and total) and can meet the sophisticated requirements of its clients. Using LVS with optimized warehouse operations, Eltrans Plus, has increased efficiency in all activities, including receiving, put-away, pick, replenishment, loading and returns.

The project was successfully implemented by Mantis‘ very experienced partner in Russia ant Technologies.