DPD selects Mantis Logistics Vision Suite for its distribution center in Russia

With over 28 years of parcel and freight delivery experience, DPD in Russia (JSC DPD RUS) is one of Russia’s leading service providers.

DPD ships consignments and parcels to more than 26,000 destinations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and in 230 countries and territories worldwide.

More than 6,500 highly skilled employees, 3,700 pickup points and a fleet of 3,000 allow DPD to offer high quality services.

DPD was looking for a well-known Warehouse Management System (WMS) that would provide them with full traceability. DPD selected Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) by Mantis to manage its warehouse operations with efficiency as well as track products as they enter or relocate in the warehouse, speed up the order fulfillment process and meet the multiple requirements for each customer.

Mantis‘ valued partner in Russia ant Technologies, has configured warehousing processes to suit DPD‘s specific needs.

The distribution center of DPD has achieved seamless flow of goods and inventory management efficiency. Billing and KPI methodologies will lead DPD to operations productivity.

Mantis valued partner ant Technologies demonstrated that Logistics Vision Suite is a powerful and flexible WMS that can adapt to diverse and complex customer needs. DPD has been able to strengthen its logistics activity utilizing all capabilities of LVS.