Dimoulas, a leader in special cables in Greece, trusted Logistics Vision Suite for its Distribution Centers

Dimoulas is the market leader in the supply of special cables to the Greek market. The company covers the demand for any type of cable from data cables for computer networks to power and instrumentation cables for the oil, gas, petrochemical and energy related industry.

Meeting customer needs quickly, efficiently and competitively is the strength behind Dimoulas, with each and every aspect of the company’s operations and staff committed to that single aim.

All sales personnel have expert knowledge of special cables and the experience to recommend cables which meet all criteria of specification and performance, whilst also ensuring that no matter the requirement, whether for a stock length or a major project, a cost-effective solution to the customer’s needs is provided.

The company owns two Distribution Centers and it needed an integrated solution to manage its inventory and warehouses along with the Distribution Centers. Also, the company needed a solution that would handle the special attributes of cables with accuracy.

For better managing their special cables and the cables particularities, the company has asked Mantis to implement Logistics Vision Suite.

The project was implemented by Mantis Greece.