Dianomefs a major food distributor has selected Mantis and Logistics Vision Suite to organize their new Distribution Center, in Greece

Dianomefs Ltd. was established in 1997 by professionals with extensive experience in the food industry, targeting to cover the demanding field of catering services throughout Greece.

The company daily distributes goods of superior nutritional quality in hotels restaurants, fast food chains, catering companies, coffee places, enterprise canteens, airline and shipping companies and generally in all kinds and sizes of catering companies.

In the company’s range of products there are both gourmet goods for high gastronomy restaurants and retail stores as well as value for money goods combining quality in competitive prices.

The company is also certified with ISO 22,000 και HACCP and only cooperates with suppliers providing products have the same certifications.

Dianomefs recently relocated in company owned, state-of-the-art premises in Markopoulo Attica. Distribution of goods is performed with privately owned vehicles equipped with temperature control systems for cool cargo distribution, which in combination with the well-trained personnel, insure the transportation and delivery of goods in excellent state.

Dianomefs needed a WMS that would have all the needed attributes, Food and Beverages market requires and a company with great experience of the sector.

Dianomefs has chosen Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis in order to implement their logistics system, to organize their distribution center and to efficiently manage their inventory of goods.

The project was implemented by Mantis Greece.