Russian logistic operator Dial Group Logistics goes with Logistics Vision Suite and ant Technologies

Dial Group Logistics, through its modern warehouse with a total area of 15,600 sq.m. and a capacity for 22,500 pallets, provides its customers with a wide range of warehousing and transportation services for the whole Russia.

DGL selected MantisLogistics Vision Suite (LVS), that is re-presented in the Russian market by ant Technologies.

LVS, that for the time being is used by 15 simultaneously working users of DGL, is an international-class WMS / logistics information system managing all the processes of the warehouse. LVSLogistics Billing module that has been also selected by DGL, undertakes the control, calculation, issuing and maintenance of all invoice data concerning warehousing and transportation services offered to DGL‘s customers.

The project (to adapt LVS to DGL‘s needs) lasted 4 months and enabled the automation of all warehousing activities e.g. loading / unloading, acceptance / shipment, inventory management, piece picking, labeling, kitting, palletizing, printing of shipping and transport documents, etc.

The operations are now paperless based on mobile terminals and barcode printers. All required stock rotation rules (FEFO, FIFO, etc) are supported along with the optimization of the various processes in the warehouse.

“The automation of all of our warehousing operations and the ability to quickly adapt to any new needs allow us to provide our customers with affordable, high quality and flexible end-to-end solutions that is a great competitive advantage for our company”.

Peter Sokolowski, Commercial Director,  DGL