Diakinisis, the greatest Logistics Service Provider in Greece selected Mantis and Logistics Vision Suite for its operations

Since 1977, Diakinisis has developed integrated logistics services and today is considered the largest company in the Logistics Service Provision industry in Greece. Today, the company employs 800 people. The company operates on most product categories of the Greek market; it manages 10 Distribution transshipment centers of nationwide coverage. It operates with an integrated management system (IQMS) that satisfies the requirements of 4 international standards. Diakinisis has the most modern facilities that guarantee optimum storage of customer goods.

Having a clear picture of needs and demands of the field Diakinisis need to invest in a new Warehouse Management System (WMS) with profound knowledge and experience as well as in a comprehensive suite of application.

Modern Facilities require modern software and because of this and the profound knowledge and experience of Mantis and its pronounced adaptability and scalability Diakinisis selected Mantis and Logistics Vision as their main platform for business and operational management.

The project was implemented by Mantis Greece.