Conex Distribution, a main supplier of automotive accessories and parts in Romania provides excellence with Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

Conex Distribution was established in 2003, as a specialized developer and distributor of accessories and parts for Dacia cars and shortly became one of the most important developers and distributors of products for Romanian and foreign cars. The company is now able to provide an extensive range of OEM & OES spare parts and lubricants, convoyed by an optimum price-performance ratio.

Conex Distribution owns a proven history of solid financial position and a very low risk profile. The company’s ideal marketing positioning and professional team offers excellent services to 6,000 domestic active clients hence reaching a steady level of sales in a national market coverage and to more than 50 countries / destinations abroad.

With a central warehouse of over 15,000 sq.m. and 31 regional subsidiaries the company needed a robust and modern Warehouse Management System (WMS) to support its ever-growing operations and the complex demands of its market.

Conex Distribution selected Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) for its robustness, adaptability and flexibility hence enabling fast changes based on clients’ needs and increased efficiency.