Mantis further strengthens its presence in North America, by partnering with CindersBay, a Gainesville / GA-based independent management consulting firm focusing in Third Party Logistics, Retail and Manufacturing

Mantis Informatics, Inc., the North American arm of Mantis Group, announced today the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with the Gainesville / GA-based firm, CindersBay to promote Mantis’ WMS / Logistics software and solutions in North America.

CindersBay, as an independent management consulting firm, will be providing advice for business and technology decisions to customers who want to benefit from the unique adaptability and flexibility Logistics Vision Suite, Mantis‘ flagship WMS has to offer which has already been accepted and implemented by hundreds of customers around the globe.

The partnership is part of Mantis‘ strategy to strengthen its presence in North America. The professionalism and acumen of CindersBay constitutes a guarantee to the success of Mantis‘ solutions in the North American market.

“Our customers are seeking technologies and services that enhance their ability to effectively compete using multiple distribution channels and highly flexible supply chain networks,” said John LeDuc, COO, CindersBay. “The ability to quickly and economically react to fast changing customer demands and procurement challenges is critical to maintaining and expanding market share. Mantis has earned their industry leader reputation in this regard by outperforming many of the best competitor WMS systems available.”

According to Lee Rector, Mantis EVP, “Experiencing accelerated growth due to customer acceptance in all markets, partners are an essential element of our services strategy and objectives. By partnering with key localized logistic professionals, Mantis is able to extend our reach to more economically and effectively deliver our products and solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers. The benefits that our partners provide in the areas of site preparation, process improvements, and change management can further accelerate and complement the already fast paced implementation approach of Mantis solutions. CindersBay will directly contribute to Mantis projects by providing highly skilled Logistics Technology experts with years of experience to successfully implement and deploy world-class solutions.” “We look forward to working with Mantis“, said LeDuc, “because their feature rich and high-quality applications meet or exceed the expectations of the majority of the clients that we serve.”

About CindersBay

CindersBay is a professional services firm, providing experienced-based supply chain solutions through process improvements and site design, logistics applications and implementation services, and project and change management services to Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, and 3PL organizations.