UPS in Israel, opts for Mantis Logistics Vision Suite once again for its spare parts company Champion Motors

The Allied Group is an Israeli holding company operating in the real estate, electronics, infrastructure, and automotive industries. The Allied Group is one of the owners of OPSI-UPS IL, one of the largest logistic providers in Israel who is using Mantis’ WMS (LV) since 2009.

Champion Motors is also part of the Allied Group representing the brands of the Volkswagen Group in Israel: Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial, Audi, Seat and Skoda.

The logistics center of Champion Motors in Kibbutz Givat Brenner, was established in August 2010 and provides service to all company brands: Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, and Audi.

The DC provides a solution for the spare parts division, offers a high level of service to about 50 service centers which are spread all over the country, and is operated by OPSI-UPS.

OPSI-UPS based on its experience in Mantis’ WMS, Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), for over 10 years already for many depositors with different lines of business, and its confidence on the experience of Mantis working with Automated Material Handling Systems, opted to choose again Mantis as a supplier for the Champion Motors operations.

The DC infrastructure was adapted for diverse storage, the stock at the DC includes a large variety of items about 80,000 SKU, out of them about 45,000 are active. The variety of storage areas in the warehouse includes shelf system for storing large and volumetric items also medium-sized items, metal cages, which are being used for storing items and semi-automatic system for storing very small items. This system includes three horizontal turnstiles horizontal carousels and each carousel contains about 10,000 different locations, whenever the storage units are modular and their size can be changed.

To increase its efficiency and productivity and to optimize its warehouse storage, Champion has decided to implement Mantis LVS. The LVS implementation allows optimization in all work processes, for example: LVS allows an intelligent put away of items in the double carousel – one to the right carousel and one to the left carousel – so that an item is placed in one carousel at a time while the other carousel is available and moves to where the next item should be placed.