Capricorn a top heating systems manufacturer in Poland reaches record fulfilled orders with Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

Capricorn is a Polish company, manufacturer of material for heating systems and bathroom installations. Capricorn was established almost 30 years ago. The production plant and the company’s headquarters are located in Świebodzice. Capricorn‘s technological potential derives primarily from its modern production departments, its own R&D center and design studio.

The company employs about 300 persons and the products are available to more than 500 major wholesalers and networks in Poland and in more than 45 countries in Europe and worldwide. All products manufactured by Capricorn are manufactured in accordance with European technical and quality standards ISO 9001:2009.

In spring 2019, the company decided to implement a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to improve logistics processes. Capricorn has specific requirements such as full traceability of products within the warehouse, automated process of printing item labels according to customer requirements, handling bill of lading along with optimizing shipping costs, assisting and automating decisions to run Sales Orders for execution, and organizing the collection path.

Mantis Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), was selected due to its great capabilities in traceability as well as its flexibility and adaptability to comply with all Capricorn’s requirements.

The inbound process was started in January 2020, the implementation phase of the outbound process was originally scheduled for the end of March and it was planned to take two months to go live, however delays due to the coronavirus outbreak and operational issues occurred. Because of the extraordinary business conditions, the blueprint analysis had to be modified at the last minute, which was a major challenge for both Mantis consultants and the Capricorn team. Despite objective adversity, Capricorn‘s sales reached a very high level during the summer months, and August turned out to be a record month in terms of sales.