Bauservice, a leading Russian distributor of ceramic products, goes successfully live with Mantis’ Logistics Vision implemented by ant Technologies

Bauservice is one of the leading companies in the Russian wholesale market for ceramic granite, ceramic tiles, dry construction mixes, and related materials. The company owns a warehouse complex with an area of 5,000 square meters in the city of Podolsk outside of Moscow.

The WMS Logistics Vision Suite system was selected as a single platform for automation of the Bauservice warehouse complex operations as the most suitable solution for construction material distribution warehouses. Warehouses in this industry typically feature a broad range of merchandise and a large number of orders processed daily. Note that ant Technologies has developed streamlined processes for implementation and customization of the system to meet the needs of clients in the construction materials distribution industry – as an example, the system is operating successfully at the Novosibirsk holding company of Domocenter.

The system automates all basic warehouse operations on pallet, box, and piecewise merchandise handling, and the average number of orders processed daily is 300, while the number of SKU is 20,000. The system enables using both paper and RF technology based order assembly. The WMS was fully integrated with the 1C accounting system.

About Bauservice

The group of companies includes Bauservice LLC (city of Moscow and the Moscow region), Otkrytie LLC (city of Moscow and the Moscow region), and Piranesi LLC (St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, and Krasnodar). Business activities include sales of certified tiles for kitchen, bathroom, and living room, as well as other construction materials of well-known brands, by wholesale and retail. The company supplies ceramic tiles to more than 80% of Russian regions and is a recognized leader in terms of product range and inventory. The range of merchandise is regularly updated with new collections.