Argosy the biggest grocery supplier in Cyprus implements Pick by Voice by Mantis

Argosy is the biggest supplier to the grocery retail sector in Cyprus. Their sales account for about 5% of the total grocery business which is estimated to be around €1.5 billion. Their distribution network reaches directly close to 2,000 outlets – hypermarkets, supermarkets, grocery and convenience stores (kiosks, bakeries etc.) – that account for over 95% of the total trade sales.

Argosy handles quality brands of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), most of which hold one of the top three positions in their respective market category. Apart from FMCG their portfolio includes brands like Colman’s, Dettol, Elite, Energizer, Hawaiian Tropic, Kallimanis, Kellogg`s Special K, Jacobs, Philadelphia, Philips, etc.

The company owns and operates a modern distribution / logistics center, adhering to the highest standards. The National Distribution Centre (NDC) is strategically located for easy access to all parts of the island. It has four different temperature controlled zones and can manage pallet / case/ piece / kilo handling operations, according to suppliers’ specifications and demands, ensuring optimal quality for the consumer. All procedures implemented in relation to receiving / storage / delivery, have been ISO 22,000 certified.

A seamless warehouse operation has already been achieved with the implementation of Logistics Vision Suiteby Mantis.

Argosy saw an increase of business and therefore needed faster order fulfilment processes.

Having recognized the value of Logistics Vision Suite Argosy has decided to further invest in Mantis’ Automations for Logistics Vision Suite. Pick by Voice was implemented to accommodate hands-free and eyes free picking to increase picking speed and maximize picking accuracy. The solution is based on Honewell Vocollect hardware and middleware software integrated with Logistics Vision Suite.

Logistics Vision Suite and Pick to Voice project was implemented by Mantis Cyprus.