AQP, Israel’s Ben & Jerrys ice cream manufacturer, implemented Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis and achieved significant operational upgrade

Since 1987 AQP leads the production import and distribution of frozen premium products in Israel. During the past years AQP experienced high growth of demand which increased the company size. As an outcome, AQPincreased it operational activities and its turnover stock. AQP imports produces and distributes Brunch & Crunch, Aristo Crunch and worldwide known Ben & Jerry’s ice-creams.

Based on AQP growth the company needed a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that would be adjustable to their growing needed.

During the WMS selection, the company thoroughly examined several WMS solutions and resulted to Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis for its advanced application.

AQP achieved respectable operational efficiency and high accuracy by implementing LVS. The efficiency was achieved by higher picking pace and real time system directed tasks throughout all warehouses (raw material, production, furnished goods). Efficient stock allocation for production and for customer orders, based on batch and FEFO constrains improved stock accuracy and usage. Finally, a vast amount of very detailed warehouse and stock data became available over night, which is now used to support operational decisions.

“During our WMS selection process we examined several options, including a built in WMS within our ERPsystem. Eventually we selected Mantis due to it’s experienced team and it’s product superiority. We set ourselves a goal: to complete the project on time and budget. We had a deadline to go live before the holydays peak demands. We are happy that we achieved these goals. Mantis team provided fast and efficient services to all our requirements.”
Avi Zinger, CEO and owner, AQP