AlfaOmega, a pharmaceutical Logistics Service Provider in Greece will run on Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

AlfaOmega is transacting business in the field of logistics specializing in medicines. It is a Greek company, founded in 2008 in Kryoneri of Attica. In 2008, its rapid development led to the creation of new and modern premises of 10,125 sq.m. in Aspropyrgos, Attica. Because of the high specialization of its personnel, the dedication to goals and high standards throughout the whole storing and promoting process of medical products, it has managed, in a short time, to acquire a significant portion of the market, having made deals with great international companies in the field of Health Care as Cross, Gilead, Proton etc.

AlfaOmega services include, cold cargo management, goods receipt, storage, warehouse control, costing and billing, delivery and reverse logistics. The company is also authorized with authenticity labeling.

AlfaOmega‘s rapid growth of customer needs as well as the pharmaceutical sector peculiarities and strict legislation impose complex and demanding processes. For such reasons the company needed a high end and adaptable Warehouse Management System (WMS).

AlfaOmega decided to take advantage of all new business opportunities and after thorough research the company selected to implement Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) by Mantis to advance with success towards the future endeavors.

Apart from all the 3rd party logistics basic needs of AlfaOmega, LVS implementation will also include web and cell phone Proof of Delivery – PoD application to follow up the delivery status of goods, as well as, Upstream and Downstream Traceability which guarantees a very detailed follow up and control of each item. Light manufacturing for repackaging will be implemented. Finally Link Manager will seamlessly interface with EDI in order to achieve the high standards of AlfaOmega international customers.