Alexandrion Group the largest alcohol beverages manufacturer in Romania, improved its delivery accuracy with Logistics Vision Suite

Alexandrion Group is the largest alcohol beverages manufacturer in Romania, with a history of over 200 yearsin the local alcohol manufacturing industry. Alexandrion Group produces well-known brands such as the Brancoveanu brandy, Alexandrion 5* and 7*, Alexander and Kreskova vodkas and Saber liqueurs.

At the beginning of 2017, Alexandrion Group representatives decided to open a global operational office in Cyprus and expand the business to the United States and Brazil. To sustain this growth, the company had to find and implement a Warehouse Management Software (WMS).

After an in-depth research Alexandrion Group decided to implement Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) by Mantis. LVS was the perfect choice for managing their logistic activities in real time. The main selection criteria were industry expertise since Mantis has an extensive customer base in the food and beverages industry.

The main benefit, of using LVS in their day-to-day activities, is the increase in batch delivery accuracy. LVS also improves warehouse performance, product identification times for picking operations, ensures optimal shelf placement, etc.

At the same time, the company has full stock control, with centralized information availability. Moreover, with the help of barcode readers provided by Senior Software, all levels of product traceability are ensured, and activities can be monitored at user level.

The project was successfully implemented by Senior Software, Mantis valued partner in Romania.

“We have always considered important to use software systems and technologies specifically designed to fit different areas of our business, and LVS was the perfect choice for managing our logistic activities in real time. The whole logistic team involved in this project has adopted the system within a few weeks. Even since the training sessions, employees acknowledged that the new system helps them in their everyday activity and even eliminates some of the repetitive tasks. With the WMS system, every team member knows exactly what they have to do right from their mobile terminals.”
Cristian Stefanov, IT Manager, Alexandrion Group.