Agrino the greatest rice production company in Greece choses Logistics Vision Suite for all its Distribution Centers

Agrino was established in 1955 as a company that produces and distributes food goods of ultimate quality and safety, it provides the Greek and European consumer added value products mostly of Greek origin respecting the environment and the modern nutritional values.

Agrino has two production units. The first unit was established in 1962 in Agrinio and covers the Distribution Center of central and western Greece. The new ultra-modern production unit in Sindos is in the A’ Zone of the Industrial area of Salonica and covers the Distribution Center of Northern Greece. The distribution center of Athens resides in Lykovrisi Attica, in a privately-owned building of total area of 2,500 sq. m. The total area of Agrino’s factories reaches 30,000 sq. m., 13,000 of which are covered by industrial installations.

Agrino values quality and innovation and based on these pillars the company needed to invest in a new Warehouse Management System (WMS) which was be modern and adaptable to their needs.

Keeping under consideration such values Agrino decided to entrust Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis for its sites.

Mantis in joined efforts with its partner Orosimo Informatics has undertaken the implementation of Logistics Vision Suite in all three Distribution Centers that Agrino has, to fulfil the company’s demands, in a challenging and demanding area of managing their intricate logistics processes.