AABTools, the UAE’s leading supplier for industrial tools, goes live with Mantis LVS

AABTools (Ali Asger and Brothers LLC) is the UAE’s leading supplier for industrial tools and equipment, with headquarters based in Dubai. Founded in 1960, a B2B solutions provider of products to build, maintain, repair or operate a facility, AABTools believes in going beyond not by just “selling” a product, but ensuring offering an end-to-end solution.

The company brings together the world’s most trusted brands such as Dewalt, Ridgid, Fluke, Extech, Flir and house them all under one roof. AABTools sells abroad a range of high-performance tools suited for every type of job.

Though the firm has grown extensively over the last 12 years, there was an increasing need to improve their logistics processes. Consequently, AABTools needed a reputable Warehouse Management System (WMS) that would help them optimize their warehouse operations with efficiency and adaptability.

In this process AABTools trusted Rubicon Solutions to implement Logistics Vision Suite (WMS) by Mantisexpecting that LVS will help them minimize the errors during order picking, manage inventory with accuracy, improve services for customers and partners and provide traceability.

“The fact that our company invested in such an advanced system as LVS by Mantis, will not only help us to have efficiency in operations, but also increase customer service levels which is the core value of our business. Mantis LVS is a well-designed adaptable and flexible WMS that will heavily contribute to our aim to modernize our processes and support us in our continuous growth.”
Mustafa Shabbir, Managing Director, Ali Asger and Brothers LLC.