Mantis wins the highest distinction “Company of the Year” in the Supply Chain Awards 2022

We proudly announce that Mantis was recently named “Company of the Year” along with winning 4 top Supply Chain Awards 2022.

July 21, 2022

Mantis, a leading international WMS / Logistics software and solutions vendor is again awarded, this time by 5 in total top distinctions at Supply Chain Awards 2022, in Greece.

Mantis gained the highest distinction “Company of the Year” for the second consecutive year. The jury voted for Mantis as the Company with the most impact on the Logistics Market, driving Supply Chain Excellence through state-of-the-art software and supply chain technology solutions.

Furthermore, Mantis won 2 Gold Awards for the process optimization at Iaponiki’s new logistics center (leader company in the automotive aftermarket industry), together with the automation orchestration by Mantis WMS WCS: the storage system Shuttle Kardex (AS/RS) was driven by LVS-WCS AMHS Server (LVS – Warehouse Control System Automated Materials Handling Server), and high-end automation of Sort to Light / Put Wall was directed by WCS Lights Server / Warehouse Control System Lights Server, paving the way for Iaponiki to offer outstanding customer service by achieving perfect order accuracy and almost tripling its order lines per day.

Mantis’ unique contribution to the enhancement of its clients / customers competitiveness because of WMS LVS’ true adaptability and flexibility, was also acknowledged in the case of Aquila. The Romanian major 3PL player succeeded in top warehouse performance, high productivity, and radical decrease of error incidents, by implementing Mantis WMS LVS combined with the investment in smart + affordable automation / Pick-to-Light.

In addition, Mantis was awarded the Gold Award for the innovative VVR Picking (Vision-Voice-RFID), a breakthrough, real-life, logistics technology solution, that boosts warehouse productivity by liberating the hands of the pickers and offers a unique working experience. VVR was deployed with the cooperation of the Department of Financial and Management Engineering of the University of the Aegean.