Mantis empowers BCA College for its Warehousing studies

Mantis, the top international WMS / logistics software and solutions vendor, actively supports the academic community by empowering the Warehousing Lab of BCA College (BCA), the leading institution of business studies in Greece, aiming to boost the future Supply Chain Leaders.

January 10, 2024

Mantis has been a proud sponsor of dynamic university departments in various countries for many years, which are well known for their high-quality academic programs in Logistics & Warehousing and prepare the next generation of logisticians to tackle the challenges of the Supply Chain profession effectively. Mantis shares its unique knowledge on WMS software with ambitious students who participate in warehouse automation Labs and attend training courses produced by Mantis experts.

Mantis Greece, the leading WMS vendor in the country, joined forces with Jungheinrich Greece and Mobile Technology to set up a state-of-the-art Warehousing Lab at the modern campus of BCA College in Athens. The college is renowned for awarding some of the most prestigious diplomas in Greece, with a focus on Supply Chain & Logistics Management.

Mantis, Mobile Technology and Jungheinrich in Greece have established a unique academic collaboration aimed at aligning BCA College’s educational program with the current demands of the market. The collaboration provides valuable, practical training in technology-driven logistics and covers critical aspects of warehouse operations, including WMS software, warehouse equipment, machinery, and storage systems. This is the first such collaboration of its kind in Greece.

The Warehouse Lab was inaugurated during a crowdy ceremony at BCA College, where the students were warmly welcomed and introduced to the fascinating world of cutting-edge WMS software by Mantis‘s top executives.