MacMillan Supply Chain Group opts for Mantis LVS to optimize its 3PL operations

Mantis announces the implementation of Logistics Vision Suite at all MacMillan facilities in the GTA, Canada.

May 24, 2023

MacMillan Supply Chain Group specializes in providing last mile, order fulfillment, warehousing and logistics services to its clients.

“We help our clients first and foremost by understanding and appreciating that no logistical solution can be handled with a one size fits all approach. That means we take the time to understand specific needs, challenges, products and their market nuances.”
Dilshan Nava, VP of Sales and Operations, MacMillan.

MacMillan has strategically positioned itself well within the supply chain and logistics industry by focusing on the most critical items their clients require, to ensure they can focus on growing their business without worrying about logistics.

As they are actively investing in technology and automation, MacMillan knew it was time to evaluate and choose a new WMS partner that would better support their own growth.

“We invested in this strategic partnership with Mantis, for the implementation of Mantis LVS as our warehouse management system of choice because the scalability and adaptability of LVS proved an ideal fit for our e-Commerce and 3PL activities, positioning us for strong growth.”
Raaj Kanthasamy, Head of IT and Infrastructure, MacMillan.

MacMillan will utilize many LVS modules beyond the core WMS such as Billing, Link Manager, Visual Warehouse Manager, Visual Scenario Builder, Parcel Management and e-Client Workspace.

The Mantis Americas Subject Matter Experts performed the project management and implementation with MacMillan, ensuring the system was live on time and in budget.

About MacMillan Supply Chain Group

MacMillan Supply Chain Group is focused on creating a better, more sustainable network that rebuilds trust and reliability for themselves and the industry. Based in the GTA, Ontario, Canada, MacMillan has multiple facilities within short distance of major highways, railyards and Canada’s busiest airport. Their end to end operations include order fulfillment, last mile, destuffing, cross docking and general warehousing needs. With a robust reverse logistics and returns management program, MacMillan can handle the full cycle and most importantly – improve customer satisfaction. MacMillan is the perfect partner for several industries, identified as ideal based on their experience, facilities and corporate strategic direction. To learn more visit