Life Logistics a leading Romanian free zone operator implemented Logistic Vision Suite by Mantis

Life Logistics operates inside the free zone of Agigea port and deals with the handling and storage of goods from export – import relationships of its customers. In 2015 the company turnover was about 9 million RON, up 21% since the year before. During the six years of activity, the volume of handled and stored goods increased from 200 to 600 containers per month, and in 2016 it 900 containers.

The constant evolution of the business and working standards established by major customers have led the company managers to consider to implement a Warehouse Management System (WMS) able to effectively manage warehouse activities.

Life Logistics, one of the four providers of handling and storage of goods services in the Free Zone Agigea, decided to go for Logistic Vision Suite by Mantis.

The company thus became the first firm in the area using a warehouse management system, succeeding to attract new customers and improve their relationship with existing ones.

Before using the Logistics Vision Suite, Life Logistics employees had to manually check each pallet of goods and mark it on paper. Now, the goods handling is much faster using mobile devices to read barcodes. Employees’ workflow was optimized, while with a simple scan they can find complete information on each pallet, and review and timely repair any mistake.

Another great benefit for Life Logistics after implementing Logistics Vision Suite is strengthening relationships with partners. By integrating the application with the system they used, a direct transfer of electronic documents was facilitated, which resulted in improved communication.

Logistics Vision Suite was implemented by Senior Software Mantis‘ partner in Romania.

“We decided to buy Logistics Vision Suite because we had problems with the pallets traceability and cargo receptions and expeditions were made on paper, resulting in errors. With the implementation of the Logistics Vision Suite solution we automated the activity within the warehouse, we are now sure the received or sent goods are in order and we have no complaints about missing or extra goods. Currently, we are the first company in the Agigea Port implementing such a system and this has helped us to attract new customers.”

Ciprian Gheorghita, Administrator, Life Logistics