JDSmith one of the longest serving 3PLs in Canada makes a strategic move to Mantis LVS

JDSmith, a leading provider of 3PL warehousing and transportation services has announced today that they entered an agreement with Mantis, a leading international WMS / logistics software and solutions vendor, with the intent to migrate their warehousing operations to the Mantis Logistics Vision Suite (LVS).

The award-winning Canadian 3PL decided to invest in a cutting-edge WMS to further increase customer service level, drive efficiency for its clients in diverse industries, and boost warehouse productivity. LVS by Mantisproved to be the best, innovative solution for JDSmith to face the current challenges of rapidly changing demands.

For JDSmith modules as Link Manager, Warehouse Intelligence, Client e-workspace, Logistics Billing, Kitting, e-track and trace, Pre-cubing, Touch screen packing station and many others proved to be the key differentiator in their selection along with the existence of a strong local Mantis Team in North America.

“There are many excellent WMS platforms for a 3PL on the market. After an exhaustive review we chose to partner with Mantis“, said Cam Arntsen, Director of Information Systems and Technologies. “What set LVSahead of the others was the ability to customize key functionality such as allocation and pick behaviors, the ability to use REST APIs natively, and the pre-built warehouse intelligence tools.”

“The Mantis LVS platform will give us the ability to drive efficiencies into our operations through simplified processes, intuitive user-friendly screens, and task automation.” commented Kevin Paquette, Director of warehouse operations. “The real-time metrics and powerful BI tools will let us better manage our operations and respond quickly to changes in volumes.”

“This is a key strategic move that will give us the tools we need to respond to our industry’s rapidly changing demands”, said Scott Smith, Owner & President. “We need to operate more efficiently and faster than ever before. I am confident in my team’s decision to choose Mantis LVS.

About JDSmith

JDSmith is a full-service third-party warehousing and transportation provider based in Vaughan, Ontario. The warehouse division provides services to clients with B2B and B2C eCommerce, omnichannel and traditional pallet case requirements whether shipping into major retail or direct to consumer. JDSmith services several markets including Consumer Packaged Goods, Fulfillment, Food Service / Food Processing, Packaging, Retail, Automotive, Electronics, Health & Beauty, and Medical. JDSmith offers a single source solution to their broad customer base. Since 1919 JDSmith has been committed to providing its clients with flexible, innovative and elevated services.