GAIA in Dubai achieves top performance in the e-pharma market with Mantis LVS

Pharmaceutical Distribution Company (PDC Drug Store LLC), a company of GAIA Healthcare based in Dubai, UAE, optimized its e-commerce and distribution process and transformed its warehouse into a modern e-fulfillment center with Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis.

February 18, 2022

PDC entered the B2C sales and distribution channel, along with its traditional B2B channel, to successfully meet the challenge of the new e-Commerce and Covid-19 era. The company extended its already existing co-operation with Mantis and trusted the Mantis Cyprus experts to transform PDC’s warehouse on Dubai Investment Park, via e-Commerce ready Mantis WMS Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), into a modern e-fulfillment center of top performance. PDC also opted for Mantis LVS Mobile Vision Sales & Proof of Delivery (PoD) modules of LVS to automate and optimize, quickly and effectively, its distribution process. Shortly prior to this investment, PDC had once again trusted Mantis WMS LVS for the total re-engineering of its warehouse premises achieving logistics excellence in terms of warehouse productivity and customer satisfaction.

Covid-19 pandemic accelerated online ordering of pharmaceutical goods and Over-the-Counter (OTC) goods, urging the Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers to inaugurate home delivery, as a necessary step to preserve and grow their market share. This new business model changed radically the profile of orders which increased in volume but at the same time, included fewer order lines. LSPs were burdened with extra costs while customer service levels deteriorated because of the special needs of the new picking process and the vast number of delivery points scattered all over the seven emirates. Optimization with smart and affordable warehouse automations was the only way for PDC to cover its customers’ emerging needs for fast and accurate order delivery, while simultaneously restraining logistics costs and boosting warehouse productivity.

To overcome the obstacles that occurred in daily operations, PDC expanded its existing cooperation with Mantis by adding three pillars:

  • Optimizing the flow of orders in the warehouse via e-Commerce ready Mantis WMS LVS to effectively serve both B2C and B2B channels vs only B2B
  • Automating sales via Mobile Vision Sales
  • Provided elevated customer experience via LVS PoD

Optimization of the flow of orders in the warehouse: Mantis WMS LVS unique characteristics of true Adaptability and Flexibility, made it easy for PDC to establish a robust e-orders execution system:

  • Consolidated picking was adopted for single-line e-orders with the use of Smart Carts (Pick to Cart)
  • The packing process was enhanced by multipurpose Touch Screen Outbound Stations (Touch Screen Packing Station), etc.
  • To increase the Distribution efficiency, Dropship was established allowing PDC to pick up goods from Dropship partners warehousing and execute for them last mile delivery

Mobile Vision Sales: This modern web-based solution eradicates many wasted working hours on administrative tasks and streamlines the whole-sale process. Amongst others, it allows picture order placement, stock visibility and includes all pricing policies.

The LVS PoD client (running on Android or IoS), was also set into force, with the use of a plethora of strong tools such as:

  • Real-time delivery process monitoring,
  • Electronic signature,
  • Electronic capturing of actual delivery timestamp,
  • Task confirmation during delivery,
  • Automatic GIS data capturing during delivery,
  • Visualization of the delivery points and routing on the digital map,
  • Collect / Cash on Delivery (CoD) Management,
  • Visibility of returns status on the spot and automated creation of credit notes and invoices,
  • Electronic capture of reasons for delivery failure,
  • Automated re-routing,etc.

With POD, PDC now has route visibility and is able to make informed decisions based on actual KPIs.

The company enjoyed the great benefits of the implementation promptly after the go-live: Despite the complexity of e-orders, warehouse productivity increased by 40%, both order fulfillment rate and customer service level significantly improved while costs were radically restricted. The sales process became faster and more productive. Distribution management was automated and optimized leading to a shorter order-to-cash cycle and saving valuable time and money.

One year earlier, PDC had invested in Mantis WMS LVS as the best-of-breed platform to digitalize its warehouse operations and achieve “same-day” delivery. The solution was a complete re-engineering of the warehouse processes with the implementation of Mantis WMS LVS alongside the use of new, more suitable, shelving and storage solutions such as inclined shelf racking for most popular SKUs.

The success of the project was based on key factors such as real-time stock monitoring, ABC Analysis on three dimensions (frequency, volume, weight) and volumetrics for all SKUs and the use of the pre-packing process. Smart Carts (Pick-to-Cart with Lights automation) were designed and implemented as well as Multipurpose Stations (Touch Screen Packing Stations) for quality control and packing operations. Orders were routed via WMS LVS based on delivery points’ coordinates and loading operations were executed via RF terminals in real-time.

The impact of Mantis WMS LVS’ implementation was significant and direct: picking productivity quadrupled, picking errors were eliminated and due to this, returns were minimized, “same-day” delivery was achieved, customer service level reached the highest ever level and sales grew by 65% in half a year after the go-live.

Mantis is a true business partner, and their hands-on approach demonstrates their technically proficiency in implementing a WMS for their customer. Not only are they professional and reliable, they also want to understand our business processes and work with us to maximize the effectiveness and practicality of the WMS. They are always available for us and are always prepared to support our needs of strategic growth and or for our day-to-day operational queries. This is one of the best Warehouse Management Systems I have ever worked on.”
Sean Fryer, Head of Logistics and Warehousing, PDC

About Pharmaceutical Distribution Company

In 2015, GAIA Healthcare launched Pharmaceutical Distribution Company (PDC Drug Store LLC). PDC’s goal is excellence in supply chain logistics and digitized pharmaceutical product distribution for global pharma principals. The company covers 9,300+ SKUs in its portfolio that includes Pharmaceuticals, Over-The-Counter (OTC) products, Medical Devices, Controlled Drugs and Cold Chain Pharma products. PDC Drug Store’s GDP & GSP-compliant logistics facility is centrally located in the Dubai Investment Park and meets the highest quality and safety standards. PDC delivers daily to 800+ customers, mostly wholesalers, hospitals, and pharmacies via its own temperature-controlled transportation network throughout all seven emirates.