DYN Diagnostics forges its partnership with Mantis

DYN Diagnostics, a key player in medical products, equipment, and technologies in Israel, strengthens its long-lasting partnership with Mantis with LVS performing the automation orchestration in its’ new logistics center.

December 22, 2022

DYN Diagnostics, a customer of Mantis Israel for over 10 years, decided to further invest in Mantis Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), the leading international state-of-the-art WMS / logistics suite, to optimize and automate its warehouse operations in their new distribution center. The solution, orchestrated by Mantis WMS LVS, also included the management of the recently installed new AMHS equipment (Automated Materials Handling Systems) combined with smart and affordable automations.

DYN Diagnostics leads the way in Israel’s medical products, equipment, and technologies sector. In the last years, the company has experienced exceptional growth enhanced by its expansion in e-Commerce, which created new, increased client demands for fast and errorless order delivery.

To better address the emerging market needs, DYN Diagnostics decided to move to a new logistics center in the Sagi industrial zone in the county of Migdal Haemek, and implement a robust WMS, rapidly and reliably automating the order fulfillment process, in combination with AMHS and smart and affordable automations. To preserve its domination in the highly demanding medical market, DYN Diagnostics has committed to top logistics performance in the fields of traceability, inventory visibility and real-time monitoring, as well as data flow transparency.

The initial decision was based on a thorough market search by the company’s management team that resulted in signing a strategic partnership with Mantis, the leading international WMS / logistics software and solutions vendor. Mantis WMS LVS proved to be the most appropriate logistics solution for the enterprise which relied on the platform’s unique advantages of true adaptability, outstanding flexibility, and unique upgradeability. Now with the investment in the new distribution center, the original decision was validated and the cooperation of DYN with Mantis was expanded to cover also the incorporation of automation into DYN’s operations.

Taking full advantage of LVS’s unbeatable capabilities, the Mantis Israel team of experts effectively implemented Mantis WMS LVS at DYN Diagnostics, leading to a significant optimization and automation of all inbound and outbound warehouse operations. By using the LVS proprietary technology smart and affordable warehouse automations and Automated Storage & Retrieval System integrated, hence, the new logistics center of DYN Diagnostics operates Kardex VLMs both for ambient and controlled temperature (refrigerated) products, combined with Pick-to-Cart technology.

The transition to the new logistics center was gradual while working in two warehouses simultaneously until the final transition of all the company’s activities. The transition enabled the company to reassess and improve work processes to reduce costs and maximize existing resources.

The new distribution center is now benefiting from the great advantages that Mantis WMS LVS has been offering throughout the years to DYN Diagnostics such as a high increase in productivity, fast order fulfillment and ultimate order accuracy, enabling the company to fulfill its ambitious expansion plans in the field of delivering Logistics Services.

About DYN

DYN was established in 1990 with the vision of improving the quality of life of the population in Israel by implementing tests, advanced processes, systems, products and technologies for improving medical diagnosis and treatment in the country. The infrastructure, experience and knowledge accumulated over the years enable the company to offer a range of services and solutions. DYN Diagnostics’ activity is supported by over 100 skilled, experienced employees with a broad education in the fields of life sciences, engineering, information systems, distribution and logistics.