Dr.Max Polska implements Mantis WMS LVS

Dr.Max Polska implements Mantis WMS Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) in its warehouse near Warsaw, dedicated to the e-commerce business, aiming to increase flexibility in logistics, the ability to implement quick changes as typical for the e-commerce market, and reduce operating costs.

May 30, 2023

Dr.Max Polska belongs to the international Dr.Max holding, the leader of the pharmaceutical market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company operates in 8 European countries, supplying 2,000 pharmacies. The Dr.Max brand has been present in the Polish market since 2005. It is one of the most recognizable franchise chains in the country, supplying almost 550 pharmacies. In addition to the traditional sales channel, the company also serves customers in the e-commerce model. At www.drmax.pl and www.drmaxdrogeria.pl, the company offers a wide range of medicines, cosmetics and other products that meet the needs of even the most demanding clients.

Mantis Polska is a subsidiary of Mantis Group, leading international WMS / logistics software and solutions vendor, and has strong presence in the polish market, with big and complex WMS projects, many of them involving automations, which are implemented by the very experienced Mantis Polska team of experts.

Due to the development of the company, the management board of Dr.Max decided to implement WMS class software in a warehouse in Łubna near Warsaw, dedicated to the e-commerce business. The aim of the project was to increase flexibility in the area of logistics, the ability to implement quick changes as typical for the e-commerce market and reduce operating costs. A tender was announced, as a result of which cooperation with Mantis was established. The choice was based on Mantis‘ extensive experience in the field of e-commerce, credibility of the offer and references from other companies.

The strength of the LVS platform is the effective service of traditional and Internet channels, which is related to the extensive experience of Mantis in the e-commerce industry and wide possibilities in the field of creating interfaces and introducing quick changes to the system.

The first stage of the implementation was an analysis, which resulted in a blueprint document detailing the course of processes and the construction of interfaces. The blueprint was modified during the implementation, following new business needs that emerged during the project. The scope of the project covered two e-shops: a booking portal for an online pharmacy and a drugstore. Due to the requirements of the pharmaceutical law, the requirements of separating the warehouse processes from the shipment of drugs had to be met, it was also necessary to integrate with courier services, including a service dedicated to the transport of drugs (Pharmalink). Integration with the ERP system was also part of the project.

The implementation of the project took about 5 months from the approval of the Blueprint analysis document, including the holiday period. The go-live took place in accordance with the agreed schedule and was basically trouble-free, i.e. without a noticeable drop in performance even in the first days after the production launch. After a few months, the work efficiency of the entire warehouse increased by 15%, and in some areas, such as packing shipments, even about 30%.

Dr.Max plans further improvements aimed at increasing work efficiency and reducing costs.

“I am satisfied with the implementation, mainly due to the fact that the warehouse was operating normally from the first day and customers did not feel that a new WMS system was launched in the back office of the online store. Mantis consultants reacted immediately to emerging requests.”
Krzysztof Sielicki, Logistics Director, Dr.Max Polska.