Celestino a leading e-tailer in Greece, moves fashion forward with Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

Celestino is a Greek company operating in the fashion industry since 1974. Offering top quality clothes and accessories at the best prices on the market and by having its own production facilities, Celestino has managed to gain customers’ support from its very beginning.

With headquarters in Athens, the company is planning on expanding its presence in Europe. In 2013 Celestino changed its model from pure brick and mortar to both stores and e-commerce. That was one of the company’s most important milestones as its whole approach changed from luxury to affordable fashion. By running its website, Celestino’s online presence has proven to be one of the most important steps as the brand expanded its reach by serving customers in Greece and abroad.

Nowadays, with more than 40 physical stores in Greece and other European countries, a customer – centric strategy and approach, an impressive e-commerce presence and more than 500 employees, Celestino has managed to perfectly combine the constantly updated and approachable image of high street fashion brands with the quality of luxury ones.

With such momentum, and such a strategy of expansion Celestino decided to invest in a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that would be adaptable and flexible but would moreover be mature and reputable. This is the perfect moment for the company to advance its systems and logistics as it is gaining more and more customers and the predictions for the near future are even more promising. Therefore, in order to provide the best possible experience and service to its customers, the company couldn’t but decide to take that step and welcome 2021 with a new, advanced approach.

Celestino selected Mantis because of its extended e-commerce experience and clientele and Logistics Vision Suite since it is probably the only WMS / logistics software suite that can be easily adapted to the needs of its customers, offering sophisticated warehousing & distribution operations and automations. Based on its growth strategy and future endeavors, Celestino opted for LVS because of its capability to integrate with Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and its tight integration with flexible and affordable automations using advanced proprietary technology. Finally, Celestino appreciated LVS for its rich functionality specific to the fashion industry such as color, size, seasonality, promotions, etc.

“At Celestino, we aim to offer customers high-quality clothing at very competitive market prices through our stores and e-commerce. We opted for Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis was a natural WMS choice for us since it is a top-notch WMS offering all that we need to be competitive in this new e-commerce era. This partnership seems to be the best choice when it comes to advancing our service to our constantly increasing clientele. We hope that this system will allow us to serve even faster our customers but also provide an optimized working environment for our team.”
Stavros Bardounias, Warehouse & Logistics Manager, Celestino