No Limit

Apparel + Footwear Logistics

NoLimit company (40,000 m2 area of distribution center, 4 warehouses, 15 depositors, 4,500 orders per day, 70,000 lines per day, 165 users) is a rapidly expanding logistics operator, offering comprehensive services in the field of transport, shipping and warehousing. It supports the most demanding clients from various industries, including:

  • apparel and footwear,
  • telecommunications,
  • automotive,
  • electronic,
  • industrial,
  • sports products,
  • marketing products.

NoLimit operates in the European market since 1990. Services are directed to those companies, for whom quality and timeliness are a priority. Regardless of whether they are – contract logistics services, supplies to retail chains, transportation or additional Value Added Services, entrusted tasks are always performed with the greatest care. Involved, knowledgeable and various team, consisting of both experienced professionals, and also with the young innovators, is the largest goodwill.

With pride and commitment NoLimit provides services for the most demanding customers, among them many international leaders in their industries. In portfolio of the company can find well-known companies such as Pepsico, Procter & Gamble, Rossignol, Sunlight Poland, Makro Cash & Carry.

Logistics needs of NoLimit and Mantis Polska solutions

NoLimit has a modern warehouse complexes built in A-class with a total usable area of over 40,000 m2, destined for operations and office work.

In 2011 it was decided to implement the WMS system (Warehouse Management System) provided by Mantis. The system had to meet the following requirements:

  • The ability to integrate many clients,
  • Possibility of integration with courier companies,
  • To apply various types of goods allocation algorithms, definable depending on the customer needs,
  • Adaptation of warehouse processes to the requirements of customers,
  • Improve the accuracy of goods location,
  • Better control of the flow of goods between the warehouse areas,
  • Automated movement of goods required in completion,
  • Real time work progress monitoring,
  • The ability to integrate with warehouse automation “Push Tray Unit sorter”,
  • The possibility of settling workers from performed tasks.

Benefits from implementation

NoLimit finally decided to implement the Logistics Vision Suite of Mantis. In addition to more optimal and efficient supply chain management, on special attention deserve the following benefits:

  • The ability to run new depositors and very quickly adapting the system to the changing needs of existing ones, thanks to high-tech adaptability.
  • Effective support existing and future depositors with the help of proven functionalities supporting various branches of the market.
  • Ability to handle orders with more than 2,000 lines.
  • Servicing several thousand e-commerce releases per day.


NoLimit company provides comprehensive logistics solutions matched to customer needs with the highest standards of quality and safety, in an economically optimal way, maintaining concern for employee and environmental protection. To meet these challenges, the company decided to implement Mantis‘s LVS, which is highly adaptable system, allowing to make necessary changes and adjustments by trained personnel of the company.

Every year Mantis strengthening its position in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia/CIS and the Middle East. Logistics Vision Suite platform, consists of modern systems combine unique knowledge of logistics and the latest achievements of technology. The integrated next-generation software products help companies planning of throughout supply chain, optimization and management of all its processes. Logistics Vision Suite package has been developed for demanding and complex distribution and logistics market, and then was enhanced by the best practices from the leading international corporation from various business areas.

LVS implementation process in NoLimit warehouses proceeded in stages. Implementation of the first location was time-limited, that’s why after an analysis of the logistics process, the first step was finalized after less than a month. So fast implementation was possible thanks to the unique design of the Warehouse Vision, enabling on the stage of implementation the effective implementation of the logistics operator needs, through proper configuration and selection of parameters.

Except the standard functionalities, Warehouse Vision supports the NoLimit large-size products. To meet customer demands was used putaway algorithm, which performs the automatic allocation of storage locations, taking into account the size of the slots, the maximum weight, storage area and package type. Because of the diversity of assortment, WMS supports multiple package types. Warehouse Vision also reports warehouse processes to the supported by NoLimit client by messages.