3PL Provider

NarvaLogistics is a full-featured logistics operator in Estonia, offering a full range of services for secure storage, handling, customs clearance and e-fulfillment services. The company, since its establishment in 2010, has grown into a major logistics services provider in the region offering its services through its own fleet of trucks and an “A” class warehouse complex located in the city of Narva, in the largest industrial park in North-Eastern Estonia (Narva Production and Logistics Park).

The warehouse location is 1.5 kilometer from the highway Tallinn – St. Petersburg and two kilometers from the road crossing the border between the Russian Federation and the EU. The total warehouse area is 27,000 sq.m. including 12 loading / unloading docks equipped with levelers and dock shelters. A well-organized parking area for 30 heavy trucks equipped with electronic scales for heavy vehicles complements the warehouse.

In order to efficiently manage its warehousing resources and employees throughout all major warehousing inbound and outbound activities, the company selected MantisLogistics Vision Suite (LVS). The project was implemented in 2014 by the WMS / logistics specialists of ant Technologies, a leading logistics turn-key solutions provider and Mantis‘ partner in the region. LVS was selected among several other local and international systems due to its outstanding flexibility that allows Mantis‘ partners or even the customers themselves to configure and adapt the system to meet their sophisticated and continuously evolving needs.

NarvaLogistics‘ warehouse is divided into two parts, one for the customs and the other to support its retail customers. The customs warehouse is organized on a pallet storage basis whereas the retail warehouse features specialized racking systems for cartons and pieces. The individual characteristics of the processing and storage needs of each customer were taken into account during the system setup. A special search algorithm was developed for the handling of non-full pallets in the customs warehouse in order to minimize the fragmentation and optimize the usage of the storage space. Concerning the retail warehouse, the system maintains pre-defined inventory levels per product and (based on product velocity and user-configurable rules and scenarios) optimizes the utilization of the available storage locations while at the same time increases the order processing speed and generally the productivity of the warehousing resources. Zone picking along with various stock rotation rules (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, LEFO, S/N, etc.) are utilized to support the needs of the customers.

NarvalLogistics provides its customers with unique advantages:

  • Storage of goods and assets out of reach of regulatory bodies. The scheme is valid for any import – export operations in Russia and EU.
  • Delivery of goods coming from Europe and Asia to Russia, keeping inventory in the territory of EU, a couple of kilometers away from the border of Russia, 120 kilometers from Saint-Petersburg.
  • Solving any problem in foreign economic activity and customs documents through its own customs clearance agency.
  • Provide an integrated warehousing and transportation services covering the EU and the Russian Federation through its own fleet of trucks.
  • Support all logistics aspects of internet e-Commerce activities.

An indicative list of NarvaLogistics‘ clients:

  • NarvaLogistics (Febest GmbH) – administrative and warehouse complex for car parts,
  • Estin Warehousing (Redmond) – logistic center for consumer electronics,
  • Westaqua-Invest (Aquaphor) – manufacturing of water filters,
  • Eesti-Emlak – manufacturing of paints and varnishes,
  • Frilajt – manufacturing of lighting equipment for urban, industrial and warehouse facilities.

Frilajt chose the customs clearance services from NarvaLogistics because of its capability to supply its customers in the EU and beyond as well as because of the proximity with the border of the Russian Federationand the ability to provide full customs clearance services.

Febest‘s production is located in European Union countries. A special storage solution has been implemented in the modern retail warehouse for the optimization of the storage and picking of Febest‘s products resulting in timely delivery to almost all countries of the world, at minimal cost.

The recent implementation of an advanced e-fulfillment platform based on MantisLVS allows NarvaLogisticsto support the e-Commerce activities of its customers. The rapid progress of e-Commerce dramatically increased the need to handle a much larger number of orders with smaller quantities per order such as pieces and smaller cartons.

LVS was adapted to support all e–Commerce activities at a separate small customs warehouse:

  • Replenishment of the small customs warehouse from the main customs warehouse.
  • Processing of the returns from the branches.
  • Good labeling, put-away, picking, checking and packing at a piece level.
  • Optimization of the put-away and picking processes.

The result of this project is the reduction of the time required to process the online orders and the increase of the customer service.

Among the plans for the near future, is to install equipment that automates and facilitates the measuring of the weight and dimensional characteristics of the goods and the implementation of workstations for product labeling.

“Today we are focused on the formation of the most effective organization of the processes of accounting, control and warehouse management. After analyzing the presented solutions in the market, we chose Logistics Vision Suite, an international system offering broad functionality and the ability to customize the system to individual needs. The extended experience and now-how of ant Technologies‘ specialists were also critical factors in choosing the solution.”
Sergei Kudryavtsev, Project Manager, NarvaLogistics