Bigotti implements Mantis WMS LVS to pioneer Fashion Logistics

Mantis announces the Logistics Vision Suite deployment at the logistics premises of Bigotti in Romania, leading to the optimization and automation of warehouse operations.

March 2, 2023

Bigotti, one of Romania’s largest fashion retailers with 41 stores in Romania and Bulgaria, and a rapidly growing international e-Commerce sales channel, inaugurated a strategic partnership with Mantis for the implementation of the Mantis WMS LVS, for the optimization and automation of its central warehouse in Bucharest to offer ultimate customer service to its physical and online customers.

Bigotti, a brand of Graftex, operates in the very demanding sector of apparel, men’s fashion and footwear where the customer is the king: whether they visit one of Bigotti’s stores in various premium locations in Romanian biggest cities, or prefer to shop on-line, Bigotti’s customers are satisfied with no less than the right product, at the right time, at the right place. Customers expect an irresistible variety of SKUs in different colors and sizes, as well as packing options of high quality and smart design. Their interest needs to be constantly revived by new collections, whereas they wait for the best price offerings during sales, mid-season sales and promotional campaigns, and they pay attention to the returns policy.

Then, how did all this complexity and prolonged peak seasonality affect the company’s logistics? To successfully address the high demands of the market, Bigotti had to quickly optimize the order fulfillment process and monitor real-time stock availability with the support of an adaptable, scalable and easily upgradeable Warehouse Management System. As Bigotti’s previous WMS system reached its limits, the company released a WMS market survey and finally, opted for Mantis WMS LVS, a leading international / logistics software, that proved to be a perfect fit to the management team’s expectations. Mantis WMS LVS’ advanced and flexible functionality offers rapid and cost-effective ongoing support while its unlimited stock attributes deliver all the adaptability required to the compelling needs of the fashion industry.

LVS, the Mantis Warehouse Management System was effectively deployed by Mantis Romania team of experts in Bigotti’s central warehouse in a record time of 3.5 months, in parallel with the customer’s daily operations even on the “heavy duty” period of Black Friday.

Once Mantis WMS LVS was fully implemented, Bigotti started to experience a productivity increase, high order accuracy, high levels of quality control, and punctual, real-time stock availability. Vital processes such as packing and checking were also outstandingly improved. The company has already released an agreement with Mantis for a second phase in 2023, including the installation of an automated sorting line as well as the deployment of Mantis Parcel Management module both for carriers and integrators, to streamline the shipping process of e-orders.

“Implementing Mantis WMS LVS for our warehouse operations was the best choice to optimize our logistics performance at a snap. Μantis is a true partner, with a very knowledgeable team, daily supporting us to deliver outstanding customer service, with LVS’ advanced functionality and great flexibility. We have already agreed to expand our partnership with Mantis by adopting warehouse automations, to efficiently address e-Commerce challenge.”
George Olteanu, Sales Director, Bigotti

About Bigotti

Bigotti is one of Romania’s largest fashion retailers, exclusively dedicated to men, with 24 stores in over 14 cities around the country, in prime locations in the most prestigious malls, shopping galleries, and the Henry Coandă Airport, the biggest international airport in Romania. Bigotti, operating since 2000, dresses up more than 40,000 men annually offering more than 1,000 models with over 100,000 units sold.