Autoluxe Group, Israel, selects Mantis LVS for its new logistics center

Mantis announces its collaboration with Autoluxe Group specializing in import, marketing and distribution of tires, alloy wheels etc. The implementation of WMS Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) ensures the optimization of warehouse operations in the very demanding industry of automotive spare parts, accessories and tires.

January 31, 2022

Autoluxe Group decided to implement the WMS Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) by Mantis at its new logistics center which spreads over 19,500 square meters in Zora’a, Beit Shemesh, Israel. Mantis WMS LVS was selected to:

  • Manage and optimize all the DC logistics operations
  • Maintain service standards at high level
  • Provide an accurate and a real time stock availability
  • Ensure absolute control over logistics processes
  • Tackle the complexity of the tires’ logistics

The growth and the new business requirements have led Autoluxe Group to decide to implement a Warehouse Management System (WMS), capable of supporting the new strategic goals of the company by increasing warehouse productivity and inventory accuracy, while delivering an outstanding customer service level.

After exhaustive market research for a truly adaptable and highly scalable WMS, Autoluxe went for Logistics Vision Suite, after discussions with Mantis Israel team of experts.

Mantis LVS, with a proven track record in similar warehouses, efficiently manages and optimizes the whole processes, inbound, inventory and outbound including sophisticated traceability and labeling. Thanks to Warehouse Insights (reports & KPIs), Autoluxe Group is also empowered to make data-driven informed management decisions.

LVS is up and running in the new logistics center and is currently in the finetuning phase.

With WMS LVS, Autoluxe Group achieves:

  • Fast responsiveness to continuously evolving requirements
  • Adoption of new requirements in real-time with zero downtime
  • Easy deployment and configuration
  • True inventory visibility and traceability

Mantis WMS is implemented to meet the requirements of the customer, anticipating the future requirements and upcoming needs of Autoluxe Group.

About Autoluxe Group

The Autoluxe Group comprises of four companies specializing in import, marketing and distribution of tires, alloy wheels, garage and tire shop equipment and related materials. More specifically:

  • Autoluxe Tires: A leading importer of tires and alloy wheels
  • Technotire: A leading importer of advanced garage and tire shop equipment and materials
  • Tire Club: A nationwide franchising network of tire shops
  • Check Up: Advanced service centers for tires and supporting systems

Since its establishment more than 40 years ago, the Autoluxe Group provides services to a wide variety of organizations all over Israel such as: tire shops, garages, big commercial companies, vehicle fleets, leasing companies, governmental agencies, army, etc.