Award-winning VVR confirms the successful partnership between RealWear and Mantis for Vision Picking solutions

Award-winning VVR confirms the successful partnership between RealWear and Mantis
for Vision Picking solutions in the supply chain industry

Mantis is pleased to announce that the partnership with RealWear is crowned with 3 new successful projects. Mantis is a Global ISV + Reseller of RealWear, the leader in assisted reality solutions. Since the beginning of the partnership, Mantis has designed and developed a specialized vision picking module (VVR) based on the popular RealWear HMT-1 assisted reality device for Vision + Voice. VVR has since won the Gold Supply Chain Award for warehouse innovation.

VVR, which relies on the RealWear HMT-1's advanced voice recognition capabilities and a wearable RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) device for confirmation, revolutionizes Piece Picking / Pick-to-Cart, Case Picking & Sorting / Put-Walls that have been supported by traditional R/Light/Voice-directed applications. By combining voice, vision and RFID confirmation devices, VVR drastically reduces a picker’s learning curve, minimizes errors and increases productivity while freeing the warehouse workers hands.

The partnership between RealWear and Mantis is fruitful to both parties and customers, with several projects already in place and very promising results. The Mantis WMS Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) module is integrated with the RealWear HMT-1 assisted reality solution for picking and sorting and is implemented with success on several occasions. On a specific customer the increase of picking productivity was up to 20% with a further error reduction of 5% compared to RF picking.

Taking it a step further VVR on the HMT-1 is ready to be in use and further studied by a university as part of its designated school curriculum.

"Our strategic partnership with Mantis enables us to further evolve in the supply chain industry and help our common end-customers to dramatically accelerate their digital transformation efforts to protect their workforce and ensure effective performance increase," said Jon Arnold, Vice President, EMEA at RealWear.

"We consider our partnership with RealWear a strategic one as it allows Mantis to continue delivering logistics innovation to our customers that are seeking innovative technologies and services to enhance their ability to effectively increase their productivity and continue their business development path", said George Baglatzis, CCO at Mantis.

About RealWear

RealWear is a knowledge transfer platform company providing in-situ information and in-the-field training with software and hardware to help people improve safety and increase productivity at work. The company’s flagship product, the HMT-1, is the leading ruggedized head-mounted, wearable, Android-class tablet computer that frees a worker’s hands for dangerous jobs. With an ever-growing number of hands-free software solutions, enterprise customers gain instant knowledge with remote mentor, document navigation, industrial IoT visualization, video micro-training and digital workflow solutions. Global leaders in energy, manufacturing and automotive industries trust the HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 to empower and connect their global workforce.

Mantis and Pick to Light Systems forge their strong partnership with 10 new successful projects

Mantis and Pick to Light Systems forge their strong partnership with 10 new successful projects

Mantis is thrilled that the long partnership with Pick to Light Systems is active and very successful. Mantis is a Value Added Reseller of Pick to Light Systems a part of AIOI Systems (Japan) and a leading vendor with over three million picking devices operating in over 30 countries.

Mantis has been innovating in warehouse automation for more than 13 years now. Especially for the light-directed automations, Mantis has designed a single multi-threaded highly configurable platform (LVS - WCS Lights Server) supporting all automation technologies and systems in any combination (Pick-to-Light, Sort-to-Light / Put-Walls, Smart Pick Carts). It is tightly integrated with Mantis’ embedded LVS - Warehouse Execution System (WES) to utilize advanced put-away, replenishment, pre-cubing, picking, sorting and other algorithms.

The long-lasting partnership between Pick to Light Systems and Mantis is booming with very encouraging results. It provides a powerful integration of a state-of-the-art WMS with leading lights hardware enabling the end customers to take the lead in their competitive landscape. More than 10 customers in the last year selected a light-driven solution from Mantis to dramatically increase their picking productivity.

Especially, Mantis Put Wall solution with light modules from Pick to Light Systems was awarded the Gold Supply Chain Award for the integration of software and hardware resulting in a significant increase in picking and sorting performance. With several benefits such as two pack types in one location, specific lot picking with packing on the other side of the Put-Wall, it helps fulfill a large volume of orders, maximizing this way the overall effectiveness of the warehouse.

Pick to Light Systems, based in Oñate (Basque Country), was founded in 2002 as part of AIOI Systems (Japan). Our goal is to provide advanced solutions for warehouse picking and manufacture processes (assembling, kitting) based on AIOI Systems' AI-Net technology.

AIOI Systems was founded in Tokyo in 1984 and has been involved in the Pick-to-Light business for 25 years. It is currently the industry leader in Asia and is actively expanding worldwide. There are over three million picking devices operating in over 30 countries. The keys to the success of AIOI are its advanced technology and high-quality manufacturing.

Mantis, established in 1996, is a leading international WMS / logistics software and solutions vendor with European origins. With 9 offices and many qualified partners, Mantis is present in 30+ countries in Europe, North & Latin America, Middle East & North Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Mantis' flagship Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) is probably the only WMS / logistics software suite in the world that can be easily adapted for companies with sophisticated warehousing and distribution operations and automations. Its design represents a great leap in WMS / logistics technology, offering unique adaptabilityand outstanding upgradeability.

It enables professionals of Mantis and its partner network, to easily configure and roll it out to multi-site operations (and multi-client in case of 3PLs) thus sharply decreasing the initial project time and costs. Furthermore, its state-of-the-art architecture and upgradeability allow painless upgrades and cost-effective ongoing support. Finally, it allows 3PLs and other customers with internal IT resources to "self-serve" themselves covering even for the most complex of their warehousing and distribution processes, enabling them to respond fast to their continuously evolving needs while at the same time enjoying an unbeatable low multi-year TCO.

"Pick To Light Systems and Mantis have formed a strong partnership a long time ago with noteworthy benefits for both sides. We are able to say that we won the challenge to make our mutual customers more productive and competitive."
Xabier Gonzalez, Distribution Channel Director, Pick To Light Systems

"We consider our partnership with Pick To Light Systems a mutually beneficial one as it allows Mantis to continue delivering solutions to our customers to optimize their warehouse processes and remain ahead of the competition."
George Baglatzis, CCO, Mantis

Mantis was a sponsor At ProMat Digital Experience (ProMatDX) 2021

Mantis was a sponsor At ProMat Digital Experience (ProMatDX) 2021

ProMatDX, held April 12-16, 2021, is the new digital event experience designed to power up manufacturing and supply chain professionals from the U.S. and over 140 countries with critical access to the latest solutions they need now to improve the resiliency and agility of their operations.

ProMatDX combines the power of the connections, solution - sourcing, and education that only ProMat can deliver with the latest digital event technology in a five-day event that will be the most important week of 2021 for the manufacturing and supply chain industry.

Many current and prospective customers visited the virtual booth of Mantis to find out more about Mantis Warehouse Management System (WMS) namely Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) that is companies with sophisticated warehousing & distribution operations and automations. Its design represents a great leap in WMS / logistics technology, offering unique adaptability &outstanding upgradeability.

More than 500 enterprises, many of them leading multinationals, representing all major industries (3PL, Retail, Wholesale / Distribution & Manufacturing) and selling channels (traditional & multichannel e-commerce) rely on LVS to run and optimize their logistics operations. LVS customers spread across many vertical markets, such as Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals + H&B + Medical, Grocery Chains, ICT + Appliances + Electronics, Construction Materials, Home Improvement, Tools + Industrial Equipment, Tobacco, Spare Parts & Accessories, Books + Office Supplies, Electro-Technical & Cables,etc.

Finally, to complement its sponsorship and its virtual booth, Mantis presented two education seminars:

Warehouse Intelligence: The evolution of Business Intelligence in the world of Logistics
Advanced Slotting: Same Space, Better Results

Soditra-Logistics, one of the most competent 3PL in Belgium, reaches perfect traceability with LVS

Soditra-Logistics, one of the most competent 3PL in Belgium, reaches perfect traceability with LVS

Soditra-Logistics is a leading Belgian 3PL company, offering services of high quality, agility, and cost efficiency to demanding sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, e-commerce, consumer goods, etc. The company is widely recognized for its capability of providing fast deployed and best customized services at low cost to its clients, including warehousing, order picking and packing, co-packing, e-commerce, transportation and billing.

With clients such as L'Oréal, NYX Professional Makeup, Horus Pharma, Greenweez, Bambaw, etc., Soditra-Logistics is one of the biggest logistics service providers in its region, and it focuses on flexibility to answer any type of client needs from different sectors. Therefore Soditra-Logistics heavily invests in the latest, state-of-the-art logistics solutions technology regarding both software and hardware.

Soditra-Logistics’ continuous and sustainable growth leads to new investments regarding its logistics network in the country: the company’s main logistics center in Nivelle, which hosts 15,000 SKUs and delivers 100 million transactions per year, will soon expand from 16,000 m2 to 26,000 m2. The company’s second largest warehouse in Mollem, of 7,000 SKUs and 45 million transactions per year, will also grow from 18,000 m2 to 22,000 m2.

Focused on preserving and enhancing its competitive advantages of high service level and best value for money services in this new phase of development, the company searched for an international Warehouse Management System offering unique adaptability and outstanding upgradeability.

For both of its logistics centers in Nivelle and Mollem, Soditra-Logistics selects Mantis’ Logistics Vision Suite(LVS) that allows achieving productivity goals, improving service quality, and reducing costs. Mantis also offers Advanced Analytics with its LVS module Warehouse Intelligence.

Mantis team had a perfect understanding of the project’s complexity and provided seamless integrationwith Soditra-Logistics’ ERP System Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Mantis has also the power to support with "zero-error" accuracy, Automated Materials Handling Systems (AMHS). In the case of Soditra-Logistics, Mantis LVS - WCS AMHS Server speeds up picking performance by collaborating perfectly with the robotized goods-to-person (mobile robots) warehousing and order picking solution powered by Scallog. In spring 2020, the 3PL Belgian company doubled the size of its goods-to-person picking facility, to faster fulfil its constantly increasing retail orders.

The project was implemented by Mantis International team (MIT) and Mantis Turkey team.

"Thanks to Mantis LVS, we reached a precise stock accuracy level and perfect traceability. Return on Investment is much shorter than we expected in the first place, and we still invest in LVS to improve our logistics operations. We also acquired the Warehouse Intelligence module of LVS, which reports every detail of our daily operations in real-time. In this way, we can detect all bottlenecks and strong points and focus on these weaknesses to improve our processes. Mantis Team, thank you for providing us an easy implementation period."
Salvatore Ciliberto, General Manager, Soditra-Logistics

"As a logistics service provider, integration process with customer’s ERPs is always a crucial point for us. We have seen in practice LVS’s capability of integration; thus, we feel quite comfortable with integrations regarding customers’ ERPs. Besides, LVS’s flexibility significantly empower us to customize our implementations according to the needs of our customers."
Unal Battal, IT Manager, Soditra-Logistics

"LVS is a supreme platform that offers to the implementer a wide range of implementation options. Mantis Turkey team has enough experience to benefit from these advantages and Mantis International trusts us to implement / support such a crucial operation. With the success we had at Soditra-Logistics implementation, we will continue to support Mantis’ international projects."
Mehmet Senol, Operations Manager, Mantis Turkey

Synferri, a Greek home improvement e-retailer, aims to fully cover its customers' needs by implementing LVS

Synferri, a Greek home improvement e-retailer, aims to fully cover its customers' needs by implementing LVS

Synferri, established in 1992, is a retail chain of household and decoration goods based in Patras. The company offers a wide spectrum of products addressing the needs of its customers with modern and complete household solutions offering at the same time affordable prices. Apart from household and decoration goods, the collection of Synferri varies from hygiene products and pet care products to seasonal goods.

Synferri operates three physical mega-stores in Patras and it serves its loyal clientele via an attractive e-shop. The e-commerce sales of Synferri have tremendously increased due to the pandemic of Covid-19. This business growth, as well as future plans, compelled the company to invest in a robust and adaptable Warehouse Management System (WMS), capable to fulfilled company’s elevated e-commerce business goals.

The management team of Synferri decided to go for Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis in order to optimize its warehouse operations and processes, to increase its productivity and order fulfillment rates, reducing the human errors at the same time. Logistics Vision Suite is deployed in the central warehouse in Patras, enhancing the company’s e-commerce all over Greece from the very beginning.

Flow Management amongst suppliers, central warehouse, and stores, is substantially improved by Mantis LVS, which in addition achieved:

  • Effective inventory control through smart exploitation of warehouse space.
  • Stock accuracy all over the warehouse, which guarantees excellent customer service for online orders.
  • Reliable inbound process and storage at the best location.
  • Fast and flawless order execution.
  • Impressive productivity increase and simultaneously, notable reduction of errors.

"Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis offers to us a great competitive advantage, by optimizing our warehouse processes and upgrading our technological infrastructure, two factors that lead to even better levels of customer service while at the same time it complies with our sales growth goals."
Spyros Giannopoulos, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer, Synferri

Kornit Digital, the top digital textile printing solutions provider in Israel will be faster and more cost-effective than ever with LVS

Kornit Digital, the top digital textile printing solutions provider in Israel will be faster and more cost-effective than ever with LVS

Founded in 2002, Kornit Digital is a global company, headquartered in Israel with offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia Pacific. It supplies digital textile printing machines to more than 1,100 customers in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Kornit Digital develops, manufactures and markets industrial digital printing technologies for the garment, apparel, and textile industries. Kornit Digital is focused on enabling the mass customization of printed textile products. Leading the digital textile printing industry through its revolutionary NeoPigment process, including an integrated pretreatment solution, Kornit Digital caters directly to the needs of both designers and manufacturers, addressing the changing needs of the entire textile printing value chain.

Kornit Digital meets consumer expectations from the fashion industry as it is transforming to a new digital-based benchmark: 24-hours delivery of personalized orders. Having this as a guide, Kornit Digital decided to invest in a modern and adaptable WMS that would help them cover their growing needs and achieve the aforementioned 24-hours delivery.

Kornit Digital opted for Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis because of its ability to optimize all logistics processes and because it will assist them in the effort for great quality and the highest level of customer service.

Kornit Digital is building a new logistic center in Kiryat Gat to accommodate its fast-growing logistics needs. This new Distribution Center will incorporate VLM and Put Wall (Sort to Light).

Celestino a leading e-tailer in Greece, moves fashion forward with Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

Celestino a leading e-tailer in Greece, moves fashion forward with Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

Celestino is a Greek company operating in the fashion industry since 1974. Offering top quality clothes and accessories at the best prices on the market and by having its own production facilities, Celestino has managed to gain customers’ support from its very beginning.

With headquarters in Athens, the company is planning on expanding its presence in Europe. In 2013 Celestino changed its model from pure brick and mortar to both stores and e-commerce. That was one of the company’s most important milestones as its whole approach changed from luxury to affordable fashion. By running its website, Celestino’s online presence has proven to be one of the most important steps as the brand expanded its reach by serving customers in Greece and abroad.

Nowadays, with more than 40 physical stores in Greece and other European countries, a customer - centric strategy and approach, an impressive e-commerce presence and more than 500 employees, Celestino has managed to perfectly combine the constantly updated and approachable image of high street fashion brands with the quality of luxury ones.

With such momentum, and such a strategy of expansion Celestino decided to invest in a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that would be adaptable and flexible but would moreover be mature and reputable. This is the perfect moment for the company to advance its systems and logistics as it is gaining more and more customers and the predictions for the near future are even more promising. Therefore, in order to provide the best possible experience and service to its customers, the company couldn’t but decide to take that step and welcome 2021 with a new, advanced approach.

Celestino selected Mantis because of its extended e-commerce experience and clientele and Logistics Vision Suite since it is probably the only WMS / logistics software suite that can be easily adapted to the needs of its customers, offering sophisticated warehousing & distribution operations and automations. Based on its growth strategy and future endeavors, Celestino opted for LVS because of its capability to integrate with Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and its tight integration with flexible and affordable automations using advanced proprietary technology. Finally, Celestino appreciated LVS for its rich functionality specific to the fashion industry such as color, size, seasonality, promotions, etc.

"At Celestino, we aim to offer customers high-quality clothing at very competitive market prices through our stores and e-commerce. We opted for Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis was a natural WMS choice for us since it is a top-notch WMS offering all that we need to be competitive in this new e-commerce era. This partnership seems to be the best choice when it comes to advancing our service to our constantly increasing clientele. We hope that this system will allow us to serve even faster our customers but also provide an optimized working environment for our team."
Stavros Bardounias, Warehouse & Logistics Manager, Celestino

DTW Logistics, an expert in e-commerce fulfillment services in Poland offers comprehensive logistics solutions with LVS by Mantis

DTW Logistics, an expert in e-commerce fulfillment services in Poland offers comprehensive logistics solutions with LVS by Mantis

DTW Logistics, supported by experienced staff, is operating in the transport, forwarding and logistics market, with focus on booming e-commerce. The company conducts its business near Warsaw, where its head office and warehouse are located. The location of the company has been carefully selected in accordance with plans for further development, as it is located in the center of Poland, at national road E30, in a corridor connecting Western Europe with Russia.

DTW Logistics business activity is based on providing professional services of national and international forwarding in road transport of neutral, refrigerated and dangerous goods although also logistics services. The company carries professional warehouse facilities, support of experienced employees, and is prepared to provide logistics services of global quality for e-commerce businesses as order fulfillment, warehousing and value-added services center.

The strategic location of DTW Logistics along with its plans for further development impelled DTW Logistics to implement a Warehouse Management System that would be of cutting-edge technology with rich capabilities.

As the result of the tender, DTW Logistics opted for Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) by Mantis due to flexible approach, references and reputation as a reliable and trustworthy supplier, and last but not least adaptable and rich of functionalities product suite, which meets the demanding needs of leading 3PL operators and e-commerce companies.

All warehouse processes are supported by LVS a modern WMS system using Microsoft .Net technology. LVS by Mantis controls all standard logistics processes but moreover offers modern reporting with Qlik, remote Web Access, fast integration tools with Link Manager, a full suite of adaptability modules, multi depositor and multi-site architecture.

DTW Logistics identified several benefits from LVS implementation, among which are responsive and adaptable RF interface, automation of processes like goods allocation for orders and task assignment which reduce management costs and effort to run the warehouse floor operation, and flexible architecture which will allow future changes.

Freightworks a major 3PL/4PL in Dubai, increases its warehouse revenue with Logistics Vision Suite

Freightworks a major 3PL/4PL in Dubai, increases its warehouse revenue with Logistics Vision Suite

Freightworks is a 45 years experienced logistics provider specialized in 3PL, 4PL and Freight Forwarding services.

Freightworks is owned by one of the world’s largest air services provider, offering ground handling, cargo, catering, and travel services worldwide, with presence of more than 40 years in MEA region.

Their lean organization ensures customer satisfaction by being close to the customers and their needs.

Freightworks is a proud member of WACO group, a network of independent freight management operating in more than 400 locations worldwide.

Today Freightworks is servicing more than 60 warehousing, 3PL + 4PL clients / depositors with the largest one being a world leading airline, where it caters all SKUS served on board with the only exception of food.

The company owns five warehouses across Dubai in strategic locations with nearly 40,000 pallet positions and yard spaces. Their extensive network of carefully selected business partners and committed work force have taken the company far ahead, combining all the benefits of in-depth local knowledge with true global expertise.

The operations in Dubai cater all modes of international and domestic transportation through dedicated facilities in Umm Ramool, Dubai Airport Cargo village, Dubai Airport Free Zone and Jebel Ali Free Zone.

The Umm Ramool facility includes a private bonded warehouse in Dubai which features state-of-the-art logistics facility with the latest software systems and modern storage and handling equipment.

Freightworks selected Rubicon Logistics Solutions, Mantis partner in the region to implement Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) WMS as part of its overall vision for continuous growth.

LVS implementation in Freightworks is up and running for more than a year now. Freightworks has seen significant improvement in efficiency, productivity, and overall warehouse operations. They have optimized the operations in several different areas because Mantis LVS WMS is easy to use without compromising the core WMS activities, thus providing excellent end-results.

With LVS, Freightworks has optimized the receiving process, which now allows the alignment of process flow and actual requirement, warehouse design, specific end customer requirements, VNA operations, space availability and many more.

A drastic improvement in the outbound process has been achieved, as LVS provides many options to the optimization of processes with efficient order creation and automatic allocation, even when multiple rules are defined as per the end customer requirements. Moreover, LVS offered options to combine picking lists and tasks while the touch screen packing station module eases the complicated outbound schedules.

Through Mantis LVS Billing Module, Freightworks captures all the elements of a 3PL/4PL tasks which have various permutations and combinations involved. All billing scenarios are captured precisely by LVS.

Ever since LVS was implemented and considering the company’s drive for success, Freightworks has seen a terrific increase in warehouse revenue.

"Our previous WMS, which was part of our main ERP system, had some WMS functionalities, but only after implementing Mantis LVS WMS we realized the difference of what a core WMS can bring. Mantis LVS rightfully stands with the top of the line in WMS systems. One of our biggest improvements is the amount of data entries that has been reduced through Mantis LVS. Also, there are multiple interfaces that can be created by our business team to have excel uploads and the interfacing capabilities of Mantis is second to none."
Mr. Ahmed Niyas, Head of IT, Freightworks

Multilog, a leading 3PL in Ukraine, considers Logistics Vision Suite a business enabler for the growth its e-commerce business

Multilog, a leading 3PL in Ukraine, considers Logistics Vision Suite a business enabler for the growth its e-commerce business

Vova is one of the leading integrated suppliers of food for HoReCa segment in Ukraine, with more than 2,000 customers in Kiev and all over Ukraine.

Its customers are restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels as well as manufacturing companies and several supermarket chains.

Logistics and distribution (with fleet owned by the company) are being operated by Multilog, the Logistics Service Provider of Vova that was established recently for this purpose in order to provide efficient and productive services to the company.

The logistics operations run in a Distribution Center in Kiev of about 1,000 square meters and are comprising of ambient, refrigerated and frozen platform.

The new distribution center and the complexity of the logistics operations made the use of a WMS system necessary for the management and optimization of the operations.

The company, after an extensive survey of the available solutions in the Ukrainian market, has decided to implement Mantis’ Logistics Vision Suite Warehouse Vision that was supplied and implemented by Mantis’s partner I-Logistics.

The choice was based on the functionality and the expandability of the software, ensuring that it covers all present and future needs of Vova.

Implementation was performed by I-Logistics and Mantis resources in a short period of time to the full satisfaction of the customer. Today the system is up and running for the ambient, refrigerated and frozen platforms.

I-Logistics, is a Value-Added Reseller of Mantis in Ukraine, not only reselling the software, but also having the trained resources to implement projects in the local market. Mantis is also investing in the local market by setting up a daughter company Mantis Ukraine with the objective to support its local partner and the Ukraine market but also to create an implementation competence center aiming at providing resources for local as well as international projects.

The management of the company Multilog stated: "We are very pleased with our choice to implement Mantis Logistics Vision Suite. Not only we opted for the right platform to address all our requirements, present and future, but we selected a platform that is more than just a WMS. We are considering Logistics Vision Suite as a business enabler that allows us to grow and be competitive, especially in today’s business environment and with our expansion in the field of e-commerce".