Kerama Marazzi, the leading player in the Russian tile market elevates its Logistics operations with Logistics Vision Suite

Kerama Marazzi, the leading player in the Russian tile market elevates its Logistics operations with Logistics Vision Suite

Kerama Marazzi, established in 1988, is Russia’s leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles and finishing materialswith a vast retail chain of brand stores in Russia and abroad.

The production of Kerama Marazzi tiles began in 1992, when a joint Russian-Italian company began producing ceramic tiles at the new Velor Factory. The company's production facilities are based on two factories located in the city of Oryol and the village of Malino, Stupino Region. The first plant is the main and largest enterprise in Europe in the production of ceramic tiles and decorative elements.

The company is constantly working on the modernization of its production, offering customers a high-quality and wide range of products at affordable prices. Kerama Marazzi is developing a branded trading network, the product line is presented in multi-brand and specialized stores for household goods. Products are available for buyers in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, the CIS, Northern and Eastern Europe.

Thanks to constant investments in production and the introduction of modern innovative technologies, the company is one of the five leaders in the production of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles and has been holding its position for more than 10 years.

For the further growth of Kerama Marazzi hence the expansion of its production, the company launched a project to automate its logistics operations. As part of this strategy, the company decided to implement Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis in the warehouses of the factory in the city of Orel. The project for the modernization and optimization of warehouse operations includes the automation of the logistics warehouse as well as the warehouses of finished goods in production. Logistics Vision Suite is planned to be implemented in all phases of production, of raw materials and finished goods, which will allow it to manage all warehouse processes: acceptance, movement, replenishment, placement, selection, packaging, labeling, document generation, shipping.

The choice of a warehouse management system in favor of Logistics Vision Suite was made after an analysis of all the industry related WMS’. Among them LVS proved to be the most flexible and adaptive solution ready to fulfill the needs of the tiles production industry.

Upon completion of the implementation project, the enterprise will be able to effectively manage a wide range of SKUs, significantly increase the pace of processing products and increase the number of shipped orders.

At the moment, a production warehouse is already deployed as well as one of the finished goods warehouses. The implementation of Logistics Vision Suite in all warehouses of finished products is planned till mid-2020.

ant-tech, Mantis very successful partner in Russia, is the implementor of LVS at Kerama Marazzi.

Nireus, a leading aquaculture company in Europe, selects Logistics Vision Suite for its Logistics Operations in Greece

Nireus, a leading aquaculture company in Europe, selects Logistics Vision Suite for its Logistics Operations in Greece

Nireus, founded in 1988, is today one of the biggest Aquaculture companies in Europe and it has its productive facilities in Greece and Spain. Nireus distributes its products in more than 35 countries worldwide.

Nireus’ production facilities include hatcheries, pre-fattening units, on-growing farms, packaging facilities, 1 R&D center, 2 fish feed factories, 1 fish processing factory and 1 aquaculture equipment production unit.

Nireus needed a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that would comply with its leading position in the market and that would be flexible and scalable to meet the emerging company’s needs.

After a very extensive research Nireus selected Logistics Vision Suite for its supply chain operations, for its production facilities as well as for its warehouse and distribution operations. Logistics Vision Suite was selected because of its adaptability and its completeness taking into consideration the complexity and diversity of aquaculture sector demands.

The particularities of the intense productive and commercial activities of Nireus, such as cold chain, short life cycle etc., as well as the specific regulations, which need to be followed in Greece and abroad, has imposed the use of a flexible WMS that can be deployed and adopted in a fast and easy manner. The goal is to totally cover all the particular needs of the sector in logistics and supply chain processes, to improve all the functional operations in Nireus warehouses and distribution centers and also to minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

A turn-key system for our needs: "Mantis's Logistics Vision Suite has armed us with a full range of software systems and modules that ensure 100% control over our operations. It is a unique software system offering speed, flexibility, and true adaptability. The results are amazing!"
Giannis Zarifis, IT Manager, Nireus.

The project has been implemented by Mantis Greece.

Eltrans Plus increases its 3PL efficiency with Logistics Vision Suite in Russia

Eltrans Plus increases its 3PL efficiency with Logistics Vision Suite in Russia

Eltrans Plus is a 3PL provider in Russia and offers a full range of logistic services based on specific requirements such as international transportation, customs clearance, cargo transportation - expedition service (air-freight, sea-freight, overland), warehouse storage, cargo insurance, consultancy etc.

Eltrans Plus develops and offers industry - specific solutions adapted to customers product and market needs. This saves time and ensures that their clients purchase what they exactly need at the right price.

Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) was chosen for its adaptability, flexibility hence enabling fast changes based on clients' needs and increased efficiency.

LVS now manages all the warehouse processes: receiving, put-away, work with damaged goods, work with buffer cells, replenishment, kitting, packing, checking, shipment, inventory etc.

After the implementation of LVS at Eltrans Plus, the company can offer individual billing (detailed and total) and can meet the sophisticated requirements of its clients. Using LVS with optimized warehouse operations, Eltrans Plus, has increased efficiency in all activities, including receiving, put-away, pick, replenishment, loading and returns.

The project was successfully implemented by Mantis' very experienced partner in Russia ant Technologies.

Al Arkan, a top spare parts wholesaler in UAE decided that LVS by Mantis best fits its logistics needs

Al Arkan, a top spare parts wholesaler in UAE decided that LVS by Mantis best fits its logistics needs

Al Arkan General Trading FZE is committed to providing the best services to its valued customers. Al Arkanaims to satisfy clients' needs by offering high quality auto spare parts. The Group offers top quality sale and after sale support for all local, regional and global clients. Al Arkan is proud to be amongst the top spare parts suppliers in the Middle East for Toyota and Lexus. Al Arkan addresses clients' needs and evaluates these needs on a personal basis in a professional manner. Al Arkan utilizes all of its available resources to make sure that the clients' orders and requirements are completed on time.

To maintain their service standards at high level, an accurate and a real time stock availability, Al Arkan needed an enterprise scale Warehouse Management System (WMS) with true adaptability, which would have prove its value in a great clientelle in the industry of spare parts and accessories.

Al Arkan decided that Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) by Mantis is the best fit for their needs.

Al Arkan General Trading FZE, trusted Rubicon Solutions, Mantis valued partner in the UAE to implement LVS and to ensure the success of the project.

"With LVS, we have managed to optimize every stage of our warehouse. Errors in picking have been eliminated, warehouse space is fully utilized and customer service levels have been increased. Our warehouse team is very efficient now, as they can easily pick and pack orders without any mistakes."
Zarar Khan, Operations Manager, Al Arkan General Trading.

Rusak, an expert of comprehensive customs services in Poland implements Mantis Logistics Vision Suite in its new warehouse

Rusak, an expert of comprehensive customs services in Poland implements Mantis Logistics Vision Suite in its new warehouse

Rusak Business Services is one of the leaders in the field of customs services in the Polish market. Nearly 30 years of experience in foreign trade has enabled the Broker to build a reliable team of experts and develop business partner relations with the largest Polish and international companies.

Rusak Business Services focuses on two main areas: customs outsourcing and trade compliance. The professionalism and credibility of Rusak are confirmed by the AEO certificate as well as the implemented quality system according to ISO standards. The company has more than 20 customs agency branches across Poland, it supports customs and tax warehouses as well as a number of places designated for the simplified customs procedure.

In the context of developing in the sector of Third Party Logistics, Rusak decided to open 3,000 m2 of modern warehouse space in Warsaw's Annopol. The new warehouse was equipped with the latest generation of equipment in the form of storage racks, forklifts and RF terminals. In terms of WMS ((Warehouse Management System) Rusak was looking for the most modern warehouse management software available on the market.

Rusak opted for Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) by Mantis as their WMS software. In addition to the functionality typical for this high class of solutions, LVS allows full identification of goods in all warehouse processes, including the traceability by batch numbers, carrier SSCC numbers and logging of all operations. LVS can automatically generate reports used for the settlement of the cost of standard logistics services and the cost of additional services that were implemented for Rusak clients.

Mantis LVS enables concurrent service of many clients / depositors and service of the related wide variety of products and meets the requirements for handling excise and cwustoms goods. The initial implementation of LVS took 3 months from the time the contract was signed with the Rusak to the launch of the system.

It is worth mentioning that the timely commissioning of LVS was necessary due to the contracts signed by Rusak partners and the availability of the new warehouse by the construction company.

Due to the great commitment and the effective work of the implementation team of Rusak and Mantis consultants, it was possible to quickly implement LVS and to meet the deadlines set for the system launch with success.

"Automating logistics processes in our warehouses was a priority and a fight against time. Quick implementation was possible due to the structure of LVS and the involvement of design and implementation teams. Therefore, after the analysis, a rapid implementation was accomplished, the first stage of which was completed after less than a month. LVS has a wide selection of modules for management and settlement of logistics operations and optimization of warehouse processes, which allows serving the most demanding customers."
Paweł Olender, Logistics Manager, Rusak.

Mantis exhibited at CSCMP Edge, held on September 15-18 at Anaheim California

Mantis exhibited at CSCMP Edge, held on September 15-18 at Anaheim California

This year, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) hosted its supply chain premier event CSCMP EDGE at Anaheim, California.

At CSCMP Edge 2019, supply chain professionals connect back to their roots and plant seeds for the future. From leading-edge content to cutting-edge supply chain solutions, CSCMP EDGE reflects the unparalleled resources CSCMP offers today and symbolizes CSCMP's unwavering commitment to supply chain in the future.

At Mantis booth we had the opportunity to discuss with supply chain executives, very experienced leaders from consulting / implementation firms and prospect customers. We showcased Mantis' WMS and its affordable automations middleware which is now a necessity when you want to scale up your business and be prepared to meet the challenges of a consumer-driven era.

DRK Elektronik the official distributor of Samsung in Turkey improved its Warehouse Productivity with Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

DRK Elektronik the official distributor of Samsung in Turkey improved its Warehouse Productivity with Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

DRK Elektronik is a sub company of Doruk Group, founded in 2015 as an importer and distributor of electronic products. It is an official distributor of Samsung and delivers Samsung products to its franchises, private companies and public organizations through its wide range of distribution network. The company is located in Istanbul, its network however covers all Turkey.

DRK Elektronik understood that there are some challenges in warehouse operations which, when met, will improve their overall logistics processes.

Order management and stock accuracy are of major interest for the company. DRK Elektronik aimed to increase operational efficiency by preventing stock loss, facilitating stock management and active order management. Thereafter DRK Elektronik searched the market and invest in the right Warehouse Management Solution, LVS.

"After we begun the specific e-commerce operation of Samsung products at April 1, 2016, we started to work with a well-known 3PL company. Unfortunately, their WMS structure couldn't offer us a sufficient order and stock management. After this we started to search for a new solution, and it didn't take long time to understand that Mantis LVS is the best solution in the market."
Bahadır Akay, Finance Manager of Doruk Group.

"We had so much positive feedback about Mantis LVS when we performed our market research, then we met with well-known Mantis partner Trinoks A.S. After the agreement, we completed the main implementation process in a short period of time around 40 days. Because of the supreme capability of LVS and experience of Trinoks team we had a smooth integration with ERP. After the implementation we are totally satisfied by LVS's ability to respond to our operational requests. Another important point is that LVS is very user friendly thus even our new hired personals can easily get used to it."
Murat Asan, Warehouse Manager - WMS Project Responsible of Doruk Group.

DPD selects Mantis Logistics Vision Suite for its distribution center in Russia

DPD selects Mantis Logistics Vision Suite for its distribution center in Russia

With over 28 years of parcel and freight delivery experience, DPD in Russia (JSC DPD RUS) is one of Russia's leading service providers.

DPD ships consignments and parcels to more than 26,000 destinations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and in 230 countries and territories worldwide.

More than 6,500 highly skilled employees, 3,700 pickup points and a fleet of 3,000 allow DPD to offer high quality services.

DPD was looking for a well-known Warehouse Management System (WMS) that would provide them with full traceability. DPD selected Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) by Mantis to manage its warehouse operations with efficiency as well as track products as they enter or relocate in the warehouse, speed up the order fulfillment process and meet the multiple requirements for each customer.

Mantis' valued partner in Russia ant Technologies, has configured warehousing processes to suit DPD's specific needs.

The distribution center of DPD has achieved seamless flow of goods and inventory management efficiency. Billing and KPI methodologies will lead DPD to operations productivity.

Mantis valued partner ant Technologies demonstrated that Logistics Vision Suite is a powerful and flexible WMS that can adapt to diverse and complex customer needs. DPD has been able to strengthen its logistics activity utilizing all capabilities of LVS.

Mantis further strengthens its presence in North America, by partnering with CindersBay

Mantis further strengthens its presence in North America, by partnering with CindersBay, a Gainesville / GA-based independent management consulting firm focusing in Third Party Logistics, Retail and Manufacturing

Mantis Informatics, Inc., the North American arm of Mantis Group, announced today the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with the Gainesville / GA-based firm, CindersBay to promote Mantis' WMS / Logistics software and solutions in North America.

CindersBay, as an independent management consulting firm, will be providing advice for business and technology decisions to customers who want to benefit from the unique adaptability and flexibility Logistics Vision Suite, Mantis' flagship WMS has to offer which has already been accepted and implemented by hundreds of customers around the globe.

The partnership is part of Mantis' strategy to strengthen its presence in North America. The professionalism and acumen of CindersBay constitutes a guarantee to the success of Mantis' solutions in the North American market.

"Our customers are seeking technologies and services that enhance their ability to effectively compete using multiple distribution channels and highly flexible supply chain networks," said John LeDuc, COO, CindersBay. "The ability to quickly and economically react to fast changing customer demands and procurement challenges is critical to maintaining and expanding market share. Mantis has earned their industry leader reputation in this regard by outperforming many of the best competitor WMS systems available."

According to Lee Rector, Mantis EVP, "Experiencing accelerated growth due to customer acceptance in all markets, partners are an essential element of our services strategy and objectives. By partnering with key localized logistic professionals, Mantis is able to extend our reach to more economically and effectively deliver our products and solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers. The benefits that our partners provide in the areas of site preparation, process improvements, and change management can further accelerate and complement the already fast paced implementation approach of Mantis solutions. CindersBay will directly contribute to Mantis projects by providing highly skilled Logistics Technology experts with years of experience to successfully implement and deploy world-class solutions." "We look forward to working with Mantis", said LeDuc, "because their feature rich and high-quality applications meet or exceed the expectations of the majority of the clients that we serve."

About CindersBay

CindersBay is a professional services firm, providing experienced-based supply chain solutions through process improvements and site design, logistics applications and implementation services, and project and change management services to Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, and 3PL organizations.

Wissmann Group, Israel's largest furniture logistics center opted for Mantis LVS to optimize its new DC

Wissmann Group, Israel's largest furniture logistics center opted for Mantis LVS to optimize its new DC

Wissmann Group was founded in Jerusalem, Israel in 1932, by Leo Wissmann, an artist carpenter immigrated to Israel from Germany.

The company which started in a small workshop has developed over the years from production of personal, prestige for local customers in Jerusalem, to a nationwide, innovated, effective, high-quality and fast-moving enterprise.

Wissmann group offers furniture solutions for the entire home-fashion Israeli market, through B2B and B2C activities and by several leading brands such Shomrat Hazorea, Hin Harod, Miskal and more.

The expansion of the company has required the building and operation of a brand-new distribution center in Bar-Lev Industrial Park with capacity of 7,700 square meters for the consolidation of the products traded by the group.

With the new Distribution Center occurred the need for a Warehouse Management System (WMS) for the management and optimization of all warehouse operations and processes.

After an extensive survey of the available solutions in the Israeli market Wissmann Group has opted to implement Mantis WMS Logistics Vision Suite that was supplied and implemented by Mantis's valued partner Complete Business Solutions.

Wissmann Group based its choice on the flexibility and the adaptability of Mantis LVS as well as its expandability that satisfies all future needs of the ever-expanding Group.

Today the system is up and running to the full satisfaction of Wissmann Group. Mantis representatives recently visited the new Distribution Center and were impressed by the efficiency of the operations.

"Not in every implementation project we can smile at the beginning of the project but also at the end of it."
Kfir Wissmann, CIO of Wissmann Group.

"The implementation was very challenging because the project took place during the construction of the new logistic center of Wissmann Group. The users needed to decide about new processes that are on the paper at that time. By using the strong capabilities of the solution in designing and quick deployment, we could give the customer the best solution in a short timeline."
Avi Steinhof, VP Sales, Complete.

"It is not our first implementation in the vertical of furniture in Israel, but it is certainly the biggest and the most complex one, due to the size of Wissmann Group and the different channels to the market that render logistics operations demanding and demand customer service and efficiency. It is always a great pleasure to see a successful implementation, especially one delivered by our partner Complete."
Faidon Daskopoulos, EMEA Director, Mantis.