Mantis has been included in Gartner's 2020 Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems

Mantis has been included in Gartner's 2020 Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems

WMS with flexible / affordable automations specializing in e-Commerce fulfilment are more important than ever as the world continues to struggle with the effects of coronavirus. 3PLs, retailers and wholesalers can count on Mantis WMS these tough times.

We are proud to have been included in Gartner's 2020 Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems in the "Specialist WMS suite vendors" category. Mantis was previously (2018-19) included in Gartner’s MQ for WMS in Europe ("European Context"). Mantis is one of only 15 vendors selected world-wide for Gartner’s 2020 MQ for WMS. Vendors are independently measured by Gartner on both completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Mantis, established in 1996, is a leading international WMS / logistics software and solutions vendor with European origins. With 9 offices, many qualified partners and 500+ customers, Mantis is present in 30+ countries in Europe, North America, Middle East & Asia.

Mantis' flagship Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) is the only highly scalable "self-serve" WMS / logistics platform in the world. Its design represents a great leap in WMS / logistics technology, offering outstanding adaptability and flexibility. It enables Mantis customers with complex warehouse operations to easily configure, deploy and support the WMS by themselves, thus responding fast to their continuously evolving needs while at the same time enjoying an unbeatable low multi-year TCO. It is also the WMS platform of choice for integrators because it allows them to perform fast and smooth implementations and painless on-going support and thus to drastically increase their overall profitability.

More than 500 enterprises, many of them leading multinationals, representing all major industries (3PL, Retail, Distribution / Wholesales & Manufacturing) and selling channels (traditional & multichannel e-commerce) rely on LVS to run and optimize their logistics operations. LVS customers spread across many vertical markets, such as Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals & Medical, Cosmetics, Grocery Chains, Appliances & Electronics, Building Materials, Tobacco, Spare Parts & Accessories, Chemicals, Books & Office Supplies, Furniture, etc.

LVS goes well beyond the management of the warehouse, offering extended capabilities such as value added services, kitting, light manufacturing, dock & gate management, logistics customer / partner service, parcel management, centralized control of local and remote warehouses, advanced slotting, labor management, inventory optimization, flexible 3PL billing, comprehensive traceability management and powerful warehouse analytics.

Mantis complements LVS with flexible and affordable warehouse automations consisting of a smart combination of proven competitively priced technologies (Voice Picking, Pick-to-Light, Put Walls, Smart Pick Carts, Smart Glasses, RFID, etc.) that have been tightly integrated with LVS using advanced proprietary technology that significantly enhance automations' overall performance, while at the same time minimizes costs due to the elimination of any relevant 3rd party control software.

Finally, in order to strengthen its warehouse optimization offering as well as its presence in North America, Mantis acquired in 2018, Insight GT, Inc., a leading international Slotting and Warehouse Optimization software solutions vendor headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Mania Jeans in Israel implements Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis for its extensive e-commerce capabilities

Mania Jeans in Israel implements Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis for its extensive e-commerce capabilities

Mania Jeans is a leading men’s wear fashion brand in Israel, established in 2002. They offer a complete collection of fashionwear such as jeans, t-shirts, pants, suits, shoes, and various accessories that complete our signature style. The collection of Mania Jeans is inspired by top global trends and is updated weekly.

The company’s stores design is influenced by Mania’s trendsetting apparel and striking collection. Mania currently has 55 stores throughout Israel, as well as pending stores in the US market starting in July 2020.

Mania needed a Warehouse Management System that would help them growth according to their plans and that would be integrated seamlessly with their e-commerce.

In order to improve the quality of its services, to increase its efficiency and productivity and to optimize its warehouse and goods' storage, and e-commerce visibility Mania has decided to implement a Warehouse Management System (WMS) and have selected Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) by Mantis.

Implementing LVS by Mantis allows Mania to have absolute control over the complex logistical processes. LVS provides Mania an effective and efficient solution for their e-commerce by shortening delivery time for last mile distribution and maximizing customer experience.

Ocean Fish processes 12 tons a day with the help of Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

Ocean Fish processes 12 tons a day with the help of Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

Ocean Fish is a leader in production and distribution of a wide variety of fish and seafood products in the Romanian market. Its activities include the production of fish products, repackaging frozen fish and other frozen and fresh fish packaging as well as import and distribution of other food products.

Ocean Fish combines the love for natural and fresh food with modern technology, the whole production processes being made under HACCP system. Ocean Fish cares for details ensuring high quality and perfect control for all the company’s products. In the last 8 years, Ocean Fish has resulted in sales of more than 20 tons per day.

Ocean Fish processes over 12 tons a day using Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) by Mantis. The largest manufacturer of fish products in Romania has implemented LVS in two warehouses of frozen products, of drive-in type, with a capacity of 5,400 pallets and two classic storage spaces with a capacity of 1,600 pallets.

The main challenge that the Ocean Fish team was facing was to identify the location of goods in the warehouse, although they physically appeared in stock. Now, with Mantis LVS, employees can quickly and accurately find out where the products are whilst the preparation and shipment of orders is done much faster. Thus, Ocean Fish manages to honor 100% of orders, while warehouse managers have true visibility of their stock.

Another benefit obtained from the implementation of LVS was the simplification of the activities flow in the warehouse. Now it is much easier to onboard new employees due to easy training, human errors are eliminated, new employees are now much easier to train, and human errors are eliminated.

LVS is integrated with Senior ERP while Senior is Mantis valued partner in Romania who also was responsible of the LVS sale and implementation to Ocean Fish.

Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis is part of a software solution package that Ocean Fish has invested in over the years. Since 2011, the fish manufacturer continues to choose Senior Software systems, implementing Senior ERP for resource management, a Business Intelligence solution for analysis and reporting and an application for field seller management.

"With the implementation of LVS by Mantis, it is quite easy for our employees to prepare orders. They know from the very beginning which row, level or floor to go to prepare the packages. Thus, we manage to fully honor the orders for which we had stock in storage and to have the highest possible stock accuracy."
Marius Trieu, CEO, Ocean Fish.

SLG the top 3PL in Russia once again opted for Logistics Vision Suite for its e-commerce clients

SLG the top 3PL in Russia once again opted for Logistics Vision Suite for its e-commerce clients

Smart Logistic Group (SLG), Russia's largest logistics company, provides logistics and customs services: logistics, customs clearance, custody of goods (maintenance responsibility), storage (warehouse logistics), electronic declaration as well as a wide range of other business services.

SLG is the winner of the "Logistics Operator of Russia" in 2007 and 2008. Registered in the Russian Chamber of Commerce for entrepreneurs and organizations, financial and economic situation which indicates their reliability as partners for entrepreneurial activity in the Russian Federation and abroad.

SLG implements its own large-scale network project in the Russian Federation, under the same brand, to provide a full package of logistics services from a single 3PL operator.

As part of the development of fulfillment services, SLG has launched a service for the fulfilment of its e-commerce, base-client named "Homeware". For "Homeware" it manages an assortment of over 180,000 items, fulfilling up to 1,500 orders per day.

The warehouse of the online store is characterized by a wide assortment, high turnover of commodity items, oversized goods, and a variety of packaging. Features of the e-commerce business resulted to changes in the warehouse operations, where the optimization of business processes and the introduction of a Warehouse Management Software became an urgent need.

SLG opted in favor of Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis for its true adaptability and unbeatable flexibility. As part of the optimization of SLG’s processes, LVS was adapted by ant-technologies, Mantis only partner in Russia, to manage the intensive turnover and to optimize the uninterrupted operation of online stores of any specialization.

The fulfillment services of LVS were implemented by SLG IT team ensuring this way complete transparency. LVSoffered full traceability and returns management satisfying this way, an integral and significant component of e-commerce logistics. Packed orders are sorted by route and shopping mall whilst the process of weighing goods was automated.

As SLG required Logistics Vision Suite was fully integrated with the online store system. An automated data exchange has been set up with reports and notifications for all stages and statuses through the warehouse. The processes of collection, storage, shipment, disbanding of kits are controlled by the Kitting module, which implements the function of printing documents and labels from radio terminals. Shipment of goods from the warehouse is carried out through courier services or Russian Post.

SLG, which already has extensive experience in organizing the work of the warehouse under the control of Logistics Vision Suite, speaks about the capabilities of the system:

"One of the key factors for the success of the project is to use the capabilities presented in Logistics Vision Suite. The system is adaptive and allows you to flexibly implement settings for complex and multifaceted tasks, both relevant and promising, including E-commerce projects."

Mantis launches cooperation with Universities in Turkey

Mantis launches cooperation with Universities in Turkey

Yeditepe University is one of the most respectful Turkish Universities, founded in 1996 Istanbul. Currently, Yeditepe University carries out its academic activities in 13 faculties, 77 Bachelor's Degree programs. Besides, postgraduate education is conducted in 83 Master's Degree programs and 43 Doctoral Degree programs. With these numbers and more, Yeditepe University claims to be the largest of the 27 foundation universities in Turkey.

Yeditepe University well aware of Logistics Sector’s role in future business environment has started undergraduate program in Logistics and Transportation in 2001. The Department of International Logistics and Transportation uses its close connections with the leading firms educating its students and creating a curriculum that's constantly updated in line with the latest sectoral experiences and developments.

The leader WMS vendor of the region Mantis Informatics is always ready to support young talents. In this direction Mantis didn’t hesitate to cooperate with Yeditepe University. "As a result of Mantis philosophy, we need to have a proactive approach to help future generations, support students to enhance their knowledge and skills about our sector. By this way we enlarge their vision about possible career opportunities also."
Emir Yazıcı, Sales Executive, Mantis Turkey.

Mantis members shared their experience and product features at the lesson ATR 488 - Intelligent Logistics Systems Planning. Questions of the students about the company, product and career opportunities were answered at the end of the lesson.

"Mantis contributed to the understanding of the needs and benefits of a warehouse management system by sharing its product capabilities and experience with the students. For this reason, we would like to thank Teaching Assistant Mrs. Özgü Çepeloğlu and Mr. Emir Yazıcı from Mantis company."
Prof. Dr. Erkut Akkartal, Faculty of Commerce Department of International Logistics and Transportation, Yeditepe University.

Coronavirus Outbreak: A special message from Mantis CEO

Coronavirus Outbreak: A special message from Mantis CEO

Dear clients, partners, and friends,

Amid the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we, at Mantis, have made the safety and wellbeing of our people, clients, partners and communities the focal point of our daily operations.

In this context, and in line with the guidelines and recommendations from local and global authorities, we have already implemented the necessary travel restrictions for our personnel. Furthermore, utilizing our technological infrastructure, we have put in place a robust crisis response mechanism involving Mantis local and international resources, which will ensure both seamless business continuity and systems security in a remote working environment.

Among the first actions in this challenging time, Mantis’ project implementation and support teams have already been intensively engaged in helping existing and new customers to enhance their e-Fulfilment / WMS capabilities and performance to effectively respond to the dramatic surge in e-Commerce orders.

We would therefore like to reassure you - our clients and partners - that Mantis will continue to function at full capacity and offer its full range of services, despite these changes.

The fact that the great majority of Mantis’ project management, implementation and support activities are typically, even in normal times, performed remotely, allow us to be optimistic that there won’t be any significant disruption in the way we work together. In fact, we expect that in many aspects the quality of our co-operation will improve due to the need for better documentation and project management from all parties involved.

Please rest assured that, at Mantis, we will be closely monitoring the situation as it evolves and will continue implementing the best possible solutions to safeguard the wellbeing of our people, our clients and partners as well as our communities, during this challenging time.

Yiannis Panagiotopoulos
CEO, Mantis

Mantis showcased the only highly scalable / high performance "self-serve" WMS / logistics platform in the world at Modex 2020

Mantis showcased the only highly scalable / high performance "self-serve" WMS / logistics platform in the world at Modex 2020

Modex 2020 aimed to attract over 30,000 professionals from every corner of the manufacturing and supply chain world, including high-level executives from multinational consumer goods companies, top 100 retailers, and the Fortune 1000.

With more than 325,000 sq.f. at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, USA, and almost 4 days of exhibit days, the tradeshow aimed to bring together the best solutions, the latest equipment and technology and the smarter thinking.

Mantis, an international WMS / logistics software and solutions vendor was once again an exhibitor at Modex 2020.

Apart from its presence with a booth and live demos, Mantis delivered two very successful seminars:

How to maximize your space efficiency and productivity with Slotting Optimization
With key take always:

  • Optimize your Distribution Center within less than 3 weeks.
  • Increase cubic utilization of the facility by 25% or more.
  • Decrease overall travel distance in the facility by 15%.
  • Decrease handling by 15%.
  • With the layout tool, it is very easy to design and draw your current or future facility giving the ability to apply existing or new models creating different scenarios and compare them for better decision making.

Warehouse Optimization: Vision+Voice+RFID Solutions
With key take always:

  • Have up to 40% faster picking versus RF terminals and be hands free.
  • Reduce errors up to 10% versus pick to Voice solutions.
  • Have a picking solution that is up to 50% cheaper than Pick to Light solutions.

Mantis is a leading international WMS & logistics software and solutions vendor with European origins.

Mantis’ Logistics Vision Suite is the only highly scalable / high performance "self-serve" WMS / logistics platform in the world.

LVS represents a great leap in WMS technology featuring outstanding adaptability that allows customers to respond fast to their continuously evolving needs while at the same time enjoying an unbeatably low multi-year TCO.

Mantis is actively focusing on warehouse optimization.

Mantis' platform allows the easy re-engineering of warehouse processes and the optimization of warehouse operations in real-time through task interleaving, task optimization and advanced slotting.

LCR in Texas USA, decided on Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis for Last Mile Terminal Logistics operations

LCR in Texas USA, decided on Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis for Last Mile Terminal Logistics operations

Last Mile Terminal (LMT) a division of Logistics Capital Resources, Inc. is located in a mall and offers a full range of professional logistics services by utilizing store assets to meet and exceed customer expectations with better, faster logistics services at a lower cost. LMT runs advanced technology - based logistics operations that use proven logistics software and automations to support the mall’s retail clients, mall customers, and other regional businesses.

LMT can deliver expedited store orders within 4 to 24 hours or can ship through standard shipping options. LMT terminals help to blend the best of brick and mortar and online businesses with a seamless omnichannel offering.

When in research for a Warehouse Management System, LCR wanted to find a WMS that would be both fast and easy to implement and able the cover all the special needs and versatility of the LMT mall operations.

LCR finally decided on Logistics Vision Suite (WMS) by Mantis for use in its facilities because of the above as well as its outstanding adabtability and for its natively integrated parcel management module which is already integrated with Carriers as UPS, USPS and Fedex.

Last Mile Terminal distribution centers will change the way US retailers ship e-commerce orders, allowing more orders to be shipped directly from brick and mortar locations. The LMT project plan includes buildout of over 100 localized distribution centers throughout the US within the next five years. Logistics Vision Suite was chosen for its flexibility and as a cost-effective application.

"When we started the LMT project, we knew we needed a WMS product that was flexible enough to work with our innovative processes and be cost-effective for one facility or one hundred facilities. Our application called for some out of the box thinking and Mantis showed they were up for the challenge".
Phil Wulff, CEO, LCR.

JTI in Virginia, USA uses Mantis Logistics Vision Suite for its B2B and B2C DC

JTI in Virginia, USA uses Mantis Logistics Vision Suite for its B2B and B2C DC

Japan Tobacco International was established in 1999, when the parent company JT Group acquired the non-US operations of R.J. Reynolds. Since then, the international workforce of JTI has driven two decades of growth. Today, JTI has more than 45,000 employees around the world. Nine world renowned brands make up the core of the company’s brand portfolio. Each possesses its own distinct character and heritage, brought together under JTI’s unrivalled commitment to quality.

JTI America required a robust WMS solution to run their newly created distribution center in Virginia, designed to handle their tobacco and vapor products. With a narrow window from start to go live, JTI required integration to both their ERP system and OMS solution provider in short order before the operation was required to be live. Mantis was chosen for its flexibility in handling both the B2B and B2C operations and the rapid implementation model which was delivered.

The solution provided by Mantis, includes interfacing with the company’s OMS solution / e-commerce, for JTI’s B2C vapor products. For B2C LVS also includes scales and touch screen packing stations. JTI’s B2Bbusiness is interfaced with the company’s ERP and optimized with Pick & Pack to pallets.

For the B2B and B2C shipping needs of JTI, both parcel and freight management are used, hence the natively integrated LVS parcel management module is interfaced with carriers as UPS parcel, UPS Freight and USPS.

Mantis innovates with the only real-life Vision Picking solution

Mantis innovates with the only real-life Vision Picking solution

Behind the hype of the Augmented Reality (AR) based "Vision Picking" applications is hidden the fact that the AR technology is still immature for the long and intensive usage required in the distribution centers and most of the times end-up hindering instead of facilitating the workers.

Mantis, relying on its 20+ years’ experience in enhancing its advanced WMS with high productivity Light/Voice-directed automations, designed and developed VVR, that is probably the first real-life Vision Picking solution in the world.

At the heart of these distribution centers, lies the process of order picking, with a cost that can amount to up to 65% of the total cost of operations. The optimization of picking requires the constant adoption of innovative ideas and solutions that increase productivity and effectiveness, minimize errors and enhance security.

The only formula that has historically been shown to improve on all these aspects is the reinforcement of the synergy between humans and technology. This reinforcement is achieved by bringing technology closer to the people, while ensuring that their interaction is as natural as possible, so that technology complements the person’s abilities, rather than hindering them.

VVR by Mantis: the only real-life solution for Vision Picking

VVR, that relies on Smart Glasses with advanced voice recognition capabilities and wearable RFID devices, revolutionizes Piece Picking / Pick-to-Cart, Case Picking & Sorting / Put-Walls that have been supported by traditional RF/Light/Voice-directed applications.

VVR consists of Smart Glasses, advanced speech recognition algorithms and wearable RFID devices, a combination which literally frees the hands of the warehouse workers, increasing their performance dramatically.

Specifically, the user wears the devices instead of holding them, as they would do with the traditional RF terminals, and interacts with them visually and vocally, without needing to type or press buttons at all. Therefore, they enjoy total freedom of movement and their work becomes less stressful and more productive.

It is worth mentioning that VVR speech recognition allows the system to be operated via voice commands even in very noisy environments, and also that VVR exhibits a very short and frictionless learning curve, a crucial factor to the successful adoption of any solution.

Finally, VVR's utilization of wearable devices, which are less likely to fall and be damaged in comparison to handheld terminals, results in substantial cost-savings for equipment maintenance.

Mantis' plethora of successful installations is a testament to its expertise with Voice Picking and Pick to Lightsolutions, but in addition to that, Mantis has always strived to offer the most advanced solutions to its customers. VVR is a product of Mantis' dedication to innovation, that is proposed as an alternative and cost-effective picking solution, designed to compete on an equal basis with the traditional picking methods.

VVR excels in the facts that it does not require expensive and time-consuming installation and maintenance, that it is capable of multi-modal operation (vision and voice), which reduces both the probability of errors and the required mental effort, and that it does not require matching the equipment with specific users. The employees simply put an available VVR set on and can start picking immediately.

"An image is a thousand words" is the most accurate description of the VVR experience, which is only made possible by the combination of ergonomic equipment with the Vision Picking application, that has been designed in-house by Mantis according to its extensive experience, as well as international specifications for smart glasses applications (Google, etc.). Finally, it is worth noting that VVR integrates with Mantis' WMS system natively, without third-party software, significantly reducing the overall cost of the solution while also improving the system's responsiveness.

VVR by Mantis is the only real-life picking solution with smart glasses that is currently available globally

Many other solutions are based on technologies that are still immature for the long and intensive usage of the demanding environment of distribution centers and end up hindering instead of facilitating the workers. They often fail to provide the immediate response time that is required by neuralgic applications, which employees will be interacting with for 8 hours every day. Additionally, computer vision-based systems tend to overly rely on the visual depiction of information on the head-mounted display (HUD), causing severe eyestrain and also, due to the fact that they require high processing power, the user is often forced to work strapped with cables.

VVR revolutionizes Pick to Cart, Put Wall and Case Picking solutions and adds to Mantis' multi-year course as one more proof of the company's commitment to innovation.

With its headquarters in Athens Greece, Mantis is a major WMS software vendor in Europe. With more than 450 clients, it has a worldwide presence with offices in the USA, Canada, Poland, Romania, Cyprus, Israeland Turkey as well as a wide network of affiliates with strong local support in almost all of Eastern Europe, Israel, UAE, Russia and Thailand. As part of its growing customer base and software functionality, Mantis has successfully expanded to North America through the acquisition of Insight Technologies Group.

VVR by Mantis has already been implemented in real environments and has been studied in collaboration with the School of Financial and Management Engineering of the University of the Aegean. The results of the study have been presented in two conferences and will soon be published in multiple scientific magazines. The study will also be included in Kogan's Supply Chain Collective Volume (Supply Chain 4.0 - Improving supply chains with analytics and Industry 4.0 technologies), which will be released internationally soon.