GAIA in Dubai achieves top performance in the e-pharma market with Mantis LVS

GAIA in Dubai achieves top performance in the e-pharma market with Mantis LVS

Pharmaceutical Distribution Company (PDC Drug Store LLC), a company of GAIA Healthcare based in Dubai, UAE, optimized its e-commerce and distribution process and transformed its warehouse into a modern e-fulfillment center with Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis.

February 18, 2022

PDC entered the B2C sales and distribution channel, along with its traditional B2B channel, to successfully meet the challenge of the new e-Commerce and Covid-19 era. The company extended its already existing co-operation with Mantis and trusted the Mantis Cyprus experts to transform PDC’s warehouse on Dubai Investment Park, via e-Commerce ready Mantis WMS Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), into a modern e-fulfillment center of top performance. PDC also opted for Mantis LVS Mobile Vision Sales & Proof of Delivery (PoD) modules of LVS to automate and optimize, quickly and effectively, its distribution process. Shortly prior to this investment, PDC had once again trusted Mantis WMS LVS for the total re-engineering of its warehouse premises achieving logistics excellence in terms of warehouse productivity and customer satisfaction.

Covid-19 pandemic accelerated online ordering of pharmaceutical goods and Over-the-Counter (OTC) goods, urging the Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers to inaugurate home delivery, as a necessary step to preserve and grow their market share. This new business model changed radically the profile of orders which increased in volume but at the same time, included fewer order lines. LSPs were burdened with extra costs while customer service levels deteriorated because of the special needs of the new picking process and the vast number of delivery points scattered all over the seven emirates. Optimization with smart and affordable warehouse automations was the only way for PDC to cover its customers’ emerging needs for fast and accurate order delivery, while simultaneously restraining logistics costs and boosting warehouse productivity.

To overcome the obstacles that occurred in daily operations, PDC expanded its existing cooperation with Mantis by adding three pillars:

  • Optimizing the flow of orders in the warehouse via e-Commerce ready Mantis WMS LVS to effectively serve both B2C and B2B channels vs only B2B
  • Automating sales via Mobile Vision Sales
  • Provided elevated customer experience via LVS PoD

Optimization of the flow of orders in the warehouse: Mantis WMS LVS unique characteristics of true Adaptability and Flexibility, made it easy for PDC to establish a robust e-orders execution system:

  • Consolidated picking was adopted for single-line e-orders with the use of Smart Carts (Pick to Cart)
  • The packing process was enhanced by multipurpose Touch Screen Outbound Stations (Touch Screen Packing Station), etc.
  • To increase the Distribution efficiency, Dropship was established allowing PDC to pick up goods from Dropship partners warehousing and execute for them last mile delivery

Mobile Vision Sales: This modern web-based solution eradicates many wasted working hours on administrative tasks and streamlines the whole-sale process. Amongst others, it allows picture order placement, stock visibility and includes all pricing policies.

The LVS PoD client (running on Android or IoS), was also set into force, with the use of a plethora of strong tools such as:

  • Real-time delivery process monitoring,
  • Electronic signature,
  • Electronic capturing of actual delivery timestamp,
  • Task confirmation during delivery,
  • Automatic GIS data capturing during delivery,
  • Visualization of the delivery points and routing on the digital map,
  • Collect / Cash on Delivery (CoD) Management,
  • Visibility of returns status on the spot and automated creation of credit notes and invoices,
  • Electronic capture of reasons for delivery failure,
  • Automated re-routing,etc.

With POD, PDC now has route visibility and is able to make informed decisions based on actual KPIs.

The company enjoyed the great benefits of the implementation promptly after the go-live: Despite the complexity of e-orders, warehouse productivity increased by 40%, both order fulfillment rate and customer service level significantly improved while costs were radically restricted. The sales process became faster and more productive. Distribution management was automated and optimized leading to a shorter order-to-cash cycle and saving valuable time and money.

One year earlier, PDC had invested in Mantis WMS LVS as the best-of-breed platform to digitalize its warehouse operations and achieve "same-day" delivery. The solution was a complete re-engineering of the warehouse processes with the implementation of Mantis WMS LVS alongside the use of new, more suitable, shelving and storage solutions such as inclined shelf racking for most popular SKUs.

The success of the project was based on key factors such as real-time stock monitoring, ABC Analysis on three dimensions (frequency, volume, weight) and volumetrics for all SKUs and the use of the pre-packing process. Smart Carts (Pick-to-Cart with Lights automation) were designed and implemented as well as Multipurpose Stations (Touch Screen Packing Stations) for quality control and packing operations. Orders were routed via WMS LVS based on delivery points’ coordinates and loading operations were executed via RF terminals in real-time.

The impact of Mantis WMS LVS’ implementation was significant and direct: picking productivity quadrupled, picking errors were eliminated and due to this, returns were minimized, "same-day" delivery was achieved, customer service level reached the highest ever level and sales grew by 65% in half a year after the go-live.

"Mantis is a true business partner, and their hands-on approach demonstrates their technically proficiency in implementing a WMS for their customer. Not only are they professional and reliable, they also want to understand our business processes and work with us to maximize the effectiveness and practicality of the WMS. They are always available for us and are always prepared to support our needs of strategic growth and or for our day-to-day operational queries. This is one of the best Warehouse Management Systems I have ever worked on."
Sean Fryer, Head of Logistics and Warehousing, PDC

About Pharmaceutical Distribution Company

In 2015, GAIA Healthcare launched Pharmaceutical Distribution Company (PDC Drug Store LLC). PDC’s goal is excellence in supply chain logistics and digitized pharmaceutical product distribution for global pharma principals. The company covers 9,300+ SKUs in its portfolio that includes Pharmaceuticals, Over-The-Counter (OTC) products, Medical Devices, Controlled Drugs and Cold Chain Pharma products. PDC Drug Store’s GDP & GSP-compliant logistics facility is centrally located in the Dubai Investment Park and meets the highest quality and safety standards. PDC delivers daily to 800+ customers, mostly wholesalers, hospitals, and pharmacies via its own temperature-controlled transportation network throughout all seven emirates.

Autoluxe Group, Israel, selects Mantis LVS for its new logistics center

Autoluxe Group, Israel, selects Mantis LVS for its new logistics center

Mantis announces its collaboration with Autoluxe Group specializing in import, marketing and distribution of tires, alloy wheels etc. The implementation of WMS Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) ensures the optimization of warehouse operations in the very demanding industry of automotive spare parts, accessories and tires.

January 31, 2022

Autoluxe Group decided to implement the WMS Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) by Mantis at its new logistics center which spreads over 19,500 square meters in Zora'a, Beit Shemesh, Israel. Mantis WMS LVS was selected to:

  • Manage and optimize all the DC logistics operations
  • Maintain service standards at high level
  • Provide an accurate and a real time stock availability
  • Ensure absolute control over logistics processes
  • Tackle the complexity of the tires’ logistics

The growth and the new business requirements have led Autoluxe Group to decide to implement a Warehouse Management System (WMS), capable of supporting the new strategic goals of the company by increasing warehouse productivity and inventory accuracy, while delivering an outstanding customer service level.

After exhaustive market research for a truly adaptable and highly scalable WMS, Autoluxe went for Logistics Vision Suite, after discussions with Mantis Israel team of experts.

Mantis LVS, with a proven track record in similar warehouses, efficiently manages and optimizes the whole processes, inbound, inventory and outbound including sophisticated traceability and labeling. Thanks to Warehouse Insights (reports & KPIs), Autoluxe Group is also empowered to make data-driven informed management decisions.

LVS is up and running in the new logistics center and is currently in the finetuning phase.

With WMS LVS, Autoluxe Group achieves:

  • Fast responsiveness to continuously evolving requirements
  • Adoption of new requirements in real-time with zero downtime
  • Easy deployment and configuration
  • True inventory visibility and traceability

Mantis WMS is implemented to meet the requirements of the customer, anticipating the future requirements and upcoming needs of Autoluxe Group.

About Autoluxe Group

The Autoluxe Group comprises of four companies specializing in import, marketing and distribution of tires, alloy wheels, garage and tire shop equipment and related materials. More specifically:

  • Autoluxe Tires: A leading importer of tires and alloy wheels
  • Technotire: A leading importer of advanced garage and tire shop equipment and materials
  • Tire Club: A nationwide franchising network of tire shops
  • Check Up: Advanced service centers for tires and supporting systems

Since its establishment more than 40 years ago, the Autoluxe Group provides services to a wide variety of organizations all over Israel such as: tire shops, garages, big commercial companies, vehicle fleets, leasing companies, governmental agencies, army, etc.

WMS leader Mantis merges with leading logistics IT provider ecovium

WMS leader Mantis merges with leading logistics IT provider ecovium

ecovium Group and Mantis join forces to offer integrated, state-of-the-art Supply Chain Execution (SCE) solutions on an international level by combining platforms for TMS, shipping, customs and WMS.

January 18th, 2022

Neustadt am Rübenberge, Germany / Athens, Greece. Logistics IT specialist ecovium, a leading provider of SCE software and hardware solutions for Supply Chain processes, and Athens-based Mantis Group, a leading international WMS vendor, announced their merger under the umbrella of the ecovium Group today. The merger takes effect immediately and supports ecovium's goal of establishing the German-headquartered company internationally as a provider of sustainable logistics solutions. Ecovium and Mantis join forces to offer integrated SCE solutions, especially to companies seeking global coverage and support. The transaction was supported by FSN Capital Partners, a leading Northern European private equity firm and advisor to the FSN Capital Funds. FSN Capital, with €4 billion in assets under management and offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Munich, is ecovium's lead investor.

"Logistics is increasingly global, spanning multiple companies. Our customers must meet diverse requirements more and more quickly because logistics processes know no borders. A single IT provider is no longer able to support all processes. That's why we have positioned ourselves as a group with interlocking logistics modules. Through the complementary portfolio and know-how of Mantis, we can offer our customers international supply chain management solutions."
Jasmino Burkic, CEO of ecovium Group

ecovium emerged from the 12 companies of the MHP Solution Group in 2021. The company was founded in 1999 in Neustadt am Rübenberge, Germany, and since then has grown to become a leading logistics solutions provider in Germany and the German speaking regions, with 300 employees at 12 locations serving more than 3,000 customers.

With 120 employees and offices in 9 countries as well as many qualified partners, Mantis is present in 30+ countries in Central-Eastern Europe, Israel, USA / Canada & Latin America, Middle East & North Africa and Asia-Pacific. Mantis’ flagship Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) is an innovative WMS / logistics software suite that can be easily adapted for enterprises with sophisticated warehousing & distribution operations and automations. More than 600 enterprises, many of them leading multinationals, representing all major industries (3PL, Retail, Wholesale / Distribution & Manufacturing) and selling channels (traditional & multichannel e-commerce) rely on Mantis to manage, optimize, and automate their distribution and e-fulfilment centers.

With the strategic move of Mantis joining the ecovium Group, both companies are taking an important step in their respective growth strategies.

"Enterprises are looking for comprehensive and seamlessly integrated SCE software suites and turn-key solutions with a proven track record in their particular vertical markets and geographical regions. Following this market trend, we have been actively looking to join forces with successful logistics software and solutions providers with a complementary portfolio and geographical coverage. In this context, ecovium is an ideal match for Mantis. The merger will make ecovium a global provider, backed by leading private equity firms, with a 360-degree SCE solutions portfolio. With this positioning, ecovium will play a key role in international markets."
Yiannis Panagiotopoulos, CEO of Mantis

As a result of the merger, the ecovium Group will become a global software and solutions provider with a total of more than 400 employees at 21 locations worldwide serving about 4,000 customers in a wide range of industries.

"We are very impressed with Yiannis Panagiotopoulos and his team. They have done an outstanding job in establishing Mantis as a leading WMS provider with global reach, and their extensive expertise complements our strategy perfectly. We are very much looking forward to working together to enable our customers to work sustainably, fairly and economically at all process levels and to set the course for new approaches in logistics", concludes Jasmino Burkic.

Robin Mürer, Partner at FSN Capital Partners, sees the merger as a highly attractive investment opportunity:
"The logistics software market is growing quickly, fueled by the explosive growth of e-commerce and the increasing complexity of supply chains. In addition, the market is still highly fragmented, and we see a clear consolidation opportunity. Our diligence has shown that Mantis is a recognized leader on an international level in the WMS market and is viewed very favorably by its customers and partners. We therefore believe that this merger will enable ecovium to become a global provider of a comprehensive logistics software portfolio, well positioned for further growth."

Ecovium and FSN Capital were advised by GLNS, Alvarez & Marsal, Crosslake, Frank Partners, Telescope Advisory and Zepos & Yannopoulos. Mantis was advised by STIFEL, Grant Thornton and Kyriakides Georgopoulos.

About ecovium

The software and hardware provider ecovium emerged from the 12 companies of the MHP Solution Group in 2021. The company was founded in 1999 in Neustadt am Rübenberge, Germany, as a manufacturer of logistics software. Divided into the five divisions Customs, Warehouse, Shipping, Transport and Hardware, ecovium currently employs around 400 people at 21 locations worldwide. With integrated software and hardware solutions the company develops sustainable and economical solutions for the entire logistics value chain.

For more information about ecovium, visit:

About Mantis

Founded in Athens, Greece, in 1996, Mantis Group is a leading international provider of WMS and logistics software. With 120 employees and offices in 9 countries and many qualified partners, Mantis is present in 30+ countries in Central-Eastern Europe, Israel, USA / Canada & Latin America, Middle East & North Africa and Asia-Pacific. Mantis’ flagship Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) goes well beyond the management of the warehouse to automation and optimization. Its design represents a great leap in WMS / logistics technology, offering unique adaptability & outstanding upgradeability, enabling its customers to respond fast to their continuously evolving needs while at the same time enjoying an unbeatable low multi-year TCO. Mantis 600+ customers spread across many vertical markets, such as Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals & H&B & Medical, Grocery Chains, ICT & Appliances & Electronics, Construction Materials, Home Improvement, Tools & Industrial Equipment, Tobacco, Spare Parts & Accessories, Books & Office Supplies, Electro-Technical & Cables, etc.

For more information about Mantis, visit:

Press contacts

Maren Weber, Director, Marketing
ecovium Holding GmbH
Neustadt am Rübenberge, Germany
Telephone: +49 5032 96 56 200

Kalliopie Georgopoulou, Marketing Manager
Mantis Group
Chalandri - Athens, Greece
Telephone: +30 210 6728190


Mantis and Orphee Beinoglou achieved two e-volution awards regarding the e-Fulfillment Center of Public MediaMarkt (PMM)

Mantis and Orphee Beinoglou achieved two e-volution awards regarding the e-Fulfillment Center of Public MediaMarkt (PMM)

The pioneer solution and the implementation of Mantis WMS for PMM, the first e-commerce retailer in Greece, in the warehouses of Orphee Beinoglou, won two top awards at the e-volution Awards 2022.

December 16, 2021

The jury of 51 acclaimed representatives of companies and organizations awarded the project participants in a magnificent ceremony at a central hotel in Athens which was attended by more than 500 market executives.

The centralized, high automated e-Fulfillment Center of the PMM group that operates in the facilities of Orphee Beinoglou with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) of Mantis, Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), was awarded with the GOLD Award in the category of Operations & Back Office and the SILVER Award in the category of Technological Innovation, from the well-known institution of e-volution Awards 2022 that was organized this year, for the 11th year, and awarded the protagonists of e-Commerce in Greece.

Mantis and Orphee Beinoglou have formed a long-term co-operation, with WMS - Logistics Vision to successfully support the operation of the Distribution Centers of the 3PL that maintains a leading position in the Greek market of Freight Forwarding and Logistics.

The centralized e-fulfillment center of PMM in Orphee Beinoglou warehouses runs on Mantis WMS Logistics Vision Suite and totally responds to the great challenge of the rapid growth of PMM and the vertical rise of e-Commerce sales in B2B and B2C channels, within the pandemic of Covid-19. This fact, combined with the increased seasonality and the successive promotional campaigns, brought about a leaping increase in the daily volume of orders and the urgent need for optimization with automations for all logistics processes.

Therefore, in a short period of time and with the constantly changing restrictions imposed by the Greek State to confine the pandemic, the centralized e-fulfillment center had to succeed:

  • Increase of the speed of orders execution
  • Increase of productivity and flexibility
  • Reduction of management errors in collection
  • Reduction of the warehouse operational costs
  • Control and transparency in real time
  • Maximum utilization of existing storage space

The above goals have been fulfilled to the fullest through the state-of-the-art integrated technology WMSsolution adapted and implemented by the Mantis team of experts. An effective combination of Mantis LVSintegrated with automations was adopted, starting from the Put Wall (Sort to Light with Lights from Pick to Light Systems) technology that was placed for the sorting of large quantities for both stores (B2B) and e-shop customers (B2C). For the smaller quantities, LVS drives a cross-belt sorter solution by Kinematic, while Conveyor Belts were installed to circulate the boxes between different floors.

"Together with our Mantis partners (WMS) and Orphee Beinoglou (LSP), we have implemented several automations in our new warehouse, such as put-to-light systems (Put Wall), a cross-belt sorter and more efficient ways of batching orders. This is indeed a great upgrade of the store delivery process and faster delivery towards our customers. Thank you, Mantis and Orphee Beinoglou for the continued partnership!"
Olaf van den Brink, Chief Operating Officer, PMM

"We partner with Mantis through a friendly relationship for many years now, operating their WMS LVS in our warehouses. Our co-operation for the PMM e-Fulfillment Center is the culmination of this relationship and we already enjoy the great benefits of both; Us as 3PL and our client / depositor, PMM. Thank you, Mantis, for the fantastic experience!"
Grigoris Mimilidis, Development & Engineering Director, Orphee Beinoglou

"The PMM’s e-Fulfillment Center project in Orphee Beinoglou seals Mantis’ technological innovation and e-commerce leadership. We will continue to evolve to be one step ahead and meet the new, changing needs of our customers and their clients / depositors. A warm thank you to Orphee Beinoglou and PMM for the excellent co-operation."
Akis Zaimis, Senior Business Analyst, Mantis

About PMM

PMM is a platform-based business with physical locations operating in Greece and in Cyprus. It is #1 Greek e-Commerce retailer and #1 omnichannel retailer in household / consumer electrical, electronic and entertainment products. It consists of two distinct brands, Public and MediaMarkt, following a merger in December 2019 which gave Public a 75% stake and MediaMarkt a 25% stake. Through its marketplace, the 1st and largest marketplace - the only platform of its kind in Greece - the company has grown to a truly digital company, aggressively harnessing technology to better serve its customers.

About Orphee Beinoglou

Orphee Beinoglou Group is the leading freight forwarder and logistics provider in Greece with subsidiaries in the Balkan States and the Eastern Mediterranean region. Trading since 1923, Orphee Beinoglou consistently provides the highest standards and quality services, with full commitment to the customer’s needs. Under the brand name OR.B.I.T. (Orphee Beinoglou International Transports), the Group offers a full range of logistics and freight transport services within every country that operates directly.

Ideal Feroluc in Romania saves time and money with Mantis WMS LVS

Ideal Feroluc in Romania saves time and money with Mantis WMS LVS

Ideal Feroluc, a major distributor of furniture and upholstery accessories decided to opt for Mantis Valued Partner in Romania, Senior Software and Mantis’ Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) as the ideal Warehouse Management System for warehouse excellence because of the unique characteristics of true adaptability and flexibility of LVS.

December 1, 2021

After 10 years of successful presence in the Romanian market of furniture and upholstery accessories, Ideal Feroluc meets a fast-paced business expansion empowered by the company’s popular e-shop. The traditional method of warehouse management could not face Ideal Feroluc’s new challenge of accurate order fulfillment in time, top customer service and cost-effective logistics operations. The high rhythm of sales augmentation should be efficiently supported by a state-of-the-art WMS offering to the management team full control of the business.

Ideal Feroluc decided to opt for Senior Software, Mantis Valued partner in Romania and Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), Mantis’ Warehouse Management System (WMS), as the ideal logistics software suite to lead the company to warehouse excellence because of its unique characteristics of true adaptability and flexibility. The enterprise now achieves full traceability and visibility upon inventory, saving time and money by optimizing its warehouse processes.

At the same time, Ideal Feroluc, having implemented the high-performance WMS LVS in both warehouses in Bacau and Brasov, enjoys a significant increase in warehouse productivity, capable to assure sales acceleration.

Due to the automation of the workflows between storage locations, the company also optimized the picking and labeling process, overpassing obstacles that previously interrupted order execution.

"We replaced the previous (limited) software with WMS from Senior Software because we know it is a complete solution. The system accomplishes everything we needed from a WMS, plus a lot more that I didn’t think was feasible, and this is a huge benefit."
Lucian Mariut, Administrator, Ideal Feroluc

About Ideal Feroluc

Ideal Feroluc is a company based in Bacau, specializing in the import and distribution of functional and decorative accessories for furniture, upholstery, carpentry, and joinery. The company started its activity in 2011 as a family business and currently has two warehouses in Brasov and Bacau, a retail store for furniture manufacturers and an online store.

Mantis has showcased its flagship software Logistics Vision Suite at CSCMP Edge 2021

Mantis has showcased its flagship software Logistics Vision Suite at CSCMP Edge 2021

Mantis has showcased its flagship Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), probably the only WMS / logistics software suite in the world that can be easily adapted for companies with sophisticated warehousing & distribution operations and automations at CSCMP Edge 2021 held on September 19-22, in Atlanta Georgia, USA.

October 7, 2021

For 58 years, CSCMP EDGE Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition has attracted high-level supply chain professionals and industry partners as Supply Chain's Premier Event with three full days of education, connections and solutions.

The Supply Chain Exchange has been one of the biggest draws for participants and exhibitors alike. This one-of-a-kind exhibition introduces potential customers to innovations and technologies spanning the end-to-end supply chain. With 65% of EDGE attendees at a director level and above, as an exhibitor, you will have the opportunity to talk with decision-makers face-to-face.

Mantis was among the 120+ exhibitors, both in person and virtually, that showcased all the latest modules of its flagship WMS Logistics Vision Suite (LVS). Mantis flagship Warehouse Management Software enables professionals of Mantis and its partner network, to easily configure and roll out it to multi-site operations (and multi-client in case of 3PLs) thus sharply decreasing the initial project time and costs.

Furthermore, its state-of-the-art architecture and upgradeability allow painless upgrades and cost-effective ongoing support. Finally, it allows 3PLs and other customers with internal IT resources to "self-serve" themselves covering even the most complex of their warehousing and distribution processes, enabling them to respond fast to their continuously evolving needs while at the same time enjoying an unbeatable low multi-year TCO.


Mantis achieves Zebra Technologies Validation

Mantis achieves Zebra Technologies Validation

Mantis’ Warehouse Management System Logistics Vision Suite software has been tested by Zebra’s Global Enablement Center to deliver adaptable and upgradeable solutions for warehouse and distribution customers.

Mantis today announced it has successfully completed Zebra’s Enterprise Testing Program for its Warehouse Management System (WMS) Logistics Vision Suite (LVS). This designation indicates to customers and partners that WMS LVS software was successfully tested, confirming its performance and functionality with Zebra Android mobile computers.

Zebra Technologies is an innovator at the front line of business with solutions and partners that deliver a performance edge. Mantis is a part of the award-winning Zebra PartnerConnect program as a global Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner.

A majority of Mantis’ customers already use Zebra devices so Zebra Android terminals validation enables LVS users to realize transformational gains in their warehousing and distribution operations.

"Working closely with Zebra engineering teams, we have tested the interoperability of WMS LVS with selected products, including Zebra WT6300, TC72, TC26, MC33 and MC22 Android mobile computers. This ensures warehouse operators that our WMS meets their needs and reduces both the risk and the deployment time for them."
George Baglatzis, COO, Mantis

Zebra Technologies’ Enterprise Testing Program enables eligible channel partners to test the interoperability of their software and hardware solutions with select Zebra mobile computers, scanners, printers, RFID solutions and mobility management software products to meet user application-specific needs.

Spitishop, the dominant e-shop of homeware in Greece, provides unbeatable service level to its customers with LVS

Spitishop, the dominant e-shop of homeware in Greece, provides unbeatable service level to its customers with Logistics Vision Suite by Mantis

Spitishop was the first in Greece to introduce online shopping of homeware products 11 years ago. Today, it continues to be the most powerful e-retailer of the sector, enabling consumers to equip their home ("spiti" in the Greek language) with dreamy homeware goods thanks to a wide range of modern, high quality and value for money products. The company offers -often at great discounts- about 35,000 SKUs in linen, fabrics, lighting, small furniture, baby products and decorative items. Spitishop represents more than 50 globally known brands such as NEF NEF, Kentia, Nima, Gofis Home, Downtown, Das Home, Ravelia, Inart, Espiel, Lorena Canals, Baby Oliver, Suavinex, Elodie Details, etc. "Serving the wishes of our customers" is the motto of the honored for 8 successive years with e-commerce awards company, that aims to always deliver outstanding service level, through its e-shop and its brick-and-mortar network of stores, daily, powered by the distribution center of the company in Athens.

Today, the distribution center of Spitishop delivers approximately 40,000 orders per month all over Greece. However, the fast-paced increase of e-commerce, also due to the pandemic outbreak, represents a challenge and an opportunity for the management team of Spitishop, which strongly believes in the adoption of the best-of-breed logistics technology solutions as the only way to guarantee a high customer experience and sales growth.

Spitishop recently decided to go for Mantis’ Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), because it is a reliable international Warehouse Management System (WMS) with proven results for high levels of productivity, order fulfillment accuracy and fast Return on Investment (ROI). LVS was also selected because of its exceptional benefits of true adaptability and outstanding flexibility, ensuring the top performance SpitiShop demands.

Mantis’ LVS meets in the best way, the requirements of Spitishop for the fast and accurate fulfillment of e-orders that multiply day by day. The solution includes smart and affordable warehouse automations, capable of driving order execution to operational excellence by restraining, at the same time, the total cost of ownership; Put-Wall (sort to light) and touch screen packing stations as well as Light directed Pick-to-Cart (Smart Cart), are selected to elevate the performance of picking and packing and radically eliminate errors while at the same time enhancing order accuracy.

"Our goal is to continue to serve our customers at an unbeatable level and to further grow the most complete e-shop of homeware in Greece, constantly enriching our thematic categories with new, branded products. Mantis is our strategic partner, that we trust for safeguarding our targeted and highly productive logistics operation and an irreplaceable ally on the road to our future endeavors".
Marios Bezioulas, Managing Director, Spitishop

Netlog Logistics, Turkey’s largest 3PL, starts a strategic partnership with Mantis

Netlog Logistics, Turkey’s largest 3PL, starts a strategic partnership with Mantis

Netlog Logistics is Turkey’s largest logistics services provider and is one of the fastest-growing companies within the EMEA region. More than 9,500 local and global brands in fashion, food, pharma, hi-tech and general services industries rely on the company’s innovative supply chain solutions to accelerate their sales. Netlog Logistics is a strong player in 3 continents, while operating 104 warehouses in 1,200,000 m2’s total indoor storage space, which are located strategically in Turkey (63), Benelux (33), UK (3), USA (1), Middle East (2), Far East (2), and over 4,000 owned fleet.

Netlog Logistics owns and operates 14 market-leading logistics service brands under its portfolio, each focusing on a specific solution and/or sector, with over 14,000 passionate logisticians in addition to its customized solutions throughout the supply chain cycle for all the major B2B industries, the company also work continuously to innovate logistics solutions for everyday challenges in the e-commerce ecosystem, through its modern e-fulfillment centers and technology driven approach.

Fostering digital transformation, the company recently decided to work together with Mantis to implement Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), as the next step to bring innovation to the logistics processes that will be beneficial to its clients/depositors and will attract new ones.

The strategic partnership of the company with Mantis, the leading international WMS technology vendor, includes the deployment of LVS in 4 of the Turkish e-fulfillment sites of the company as a start to the possibility of further expansion into Netlog’s subsidiaries around the globe. Thanks to its "triangle of advantages" (Adaptability, Flexibility, Scalability), Mantis LVS was selected by Netlog as the ideal Warehouse Management System (WMS) to meet in the best way the ever-changing needs of all clients / depositors that are in different demanding sectors and on the other hand provide supreme customer service level. LVS is implemented with ease and can support the diversified requirements of the clients / depositors of a 3PL in a single instance and on the other hand it can offer advanced traceability throughout all the flows of the journey of goods in the logistics center.

The project is implemented by the very experienced Mantis Turkey team.

"Mantis has fulfilled all their commitments to us concerning the implementation support as well as the time-lines. We were extremely satisfied with their concentration into our project and professional approach during the discussions with our teams. Now, we are looking forward to experiencing the performance of the system on-line."
Ugur Ersop, General Manager, Warehousing and E-Fulfillment Centers (Fashion, Lifestyle & FMCG), Netlog Logistics

"Tracking all processes from inbound to delivery at the end-user is a pivotal necessity for modern e-commerce operations, a strong pillar of the development of Netlog Logistics. The advanced traceability of LVS enables us to monitor all processes end-to-end."
Mehmet Senol, Operations Manager, Mantis Turkey

JDSmith one of the longest serving 3PLs in Canada makes a strategic move to Mantis LVS

JDSmith one of the longest serving 3PLs in Canada makes a strategic move to Mantis LVS

JDSmith, a leading provider of 3PL warehousing and transportation services has announced today that they entered an agreement with Mantis, a leading international WMS / logistics software and solutions vendor, with the intent to migrate their warehousing operations to the Mantis Logistics Vision Suite (LVS).

The award-winning Canadian 3PL decided to invest in a cutting-edge WMS to further increase customer service level, drive efficiency for its clients in diverse industries, and boost warehouse productivity. LVS by Mantisproved to be the best, innovative solution for JDSmith to face the current challenges of rapidly changing demands.

For JDSmith modules as Link Manager, Warehouse Intelligence, Client e-workspace, Logistics Billing, Kitting, e-track and trace, Pre-cubing, Touch screen packing station and many others proved to be the key differentiator in their selection along with the existence of a strong local Mantis Team in North America.

"There are many excellent WMS platforms for a 3PL on the market. After an exhaustive review we chose to partner with Mantis", said Cam Arntsen, Director of Information Systems and Technologies. "What set LVSahead of the others was the ability to customize key functionality such as allocation and pick behaviors, the ability to use REST APIs natively, and the pre-built warehouse intelligence tools."

"The Mantis LVS platform will give us the ability to drive efficiencies into our operations through simplified processes, intuitive user-friendly screens, and task automation." commented Kevin Paquette, Director of warehouse operations. "The real-time metrics and powerful BI tools will let us better manage our operations and respond quickly to changes in volumes."

"This is a key strategic move that will give us the tools we need to respond to our industry's rapidly changing demands", said Scott Smith, Owner & President. "We need to operate more efficiently and faster than ever before. I am confident in my team’s decision to choose Mantis LVS."

About JDSmith

JDSmith is a full-service third-party warehousing and transportation provider based in Vaughan, Ontario. The warehouse division provides services to clients with B2B and B2C eCommerce, omnichannel and traditional pallet case requirements whether shipping into major retail or direct to consumer. JDSmith services several markets including Consumer Packaged Goods, Fulfillment, Food Service / Food Processing, Packaging, Retail, Automotive, Electronics, Health & Beauty, and Medical. JDSmith offers a single source solution to their broad customer base. Since 1919 JDSmith has been committed to providing its clients with flexible, innovative and elevated services.

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