Mantis announces Strategic Partnership with PopCapacity to offer World-Class WMS to 3PLs

Mantis announces Strategic Partnership with PopCapacity to offer World-Class WMS to 3PLs

Mantis a leading Warehouse Management and Logistics Solutions vendor, has announced a strategic partnership with PopCapacity, the first true digital marketplace for warehousing and fulfillment space to make its world-class warehousing and logistics software available to third-party logistics customers of PopCapacity.

July 17, 2024

Mantis’s Logistics Vision Suite (LVS), is a high-powered warehouse management system and various other logistics software products. The strategic partnership adds Mantis LVS to PopCapacity’s platform which connects brands and carriers to warehouse and fulfillment spaces that suit their specific needs in each situation.

The result will be a much more efficient process for 3PLs looking to secure warehouse and fulfillment space and achieve the most optimized efficiency level in their supply chains.

Mantis LVS is one of the top warehouse management systems in the world and PopCapacity is a game changer in the world of logistics hence we are thrilled to partner with PopCapacity, combining our innovative warehouse management solutions with their cutting-edge logistics platform. This collaboration will empower 3PLs to optimize their supply chain operations with unprecedented efficiency and visibility.”
Kai Mohr, Head of Americas, Mantis

“The vision of PopCapacity has always been to revolutionize logistics procurement by making it quick and easy to find and connect with the resources you need, then reduce friction by getting out of the way and letting the various parties deal with each other directly to make agreements. By adding Mantis LVS to the mix, we add cutting-edge warehouse management technology to ensure that each engagement will deliver the highest value. We’re taking the revolution one step further.”
Matt Fain, CEO and co-founder, PopCapacity

About PopCapacity

Atlanta-based PopCapacity, established in 2020, is the first true digital marketplace for warehousing and fulfillment space, allowing shippers and carriers to directly connect with suppliers of warehouse services and other critical services for logistics, while removing the friction from the process by allowing the parties to negotiate with each other directly once they connect on the platform. PopCapacity has furthered this vision by introducing this frictionless process and technology to other nodes of the supply chain, creating the first-ever digital procurement marketplace for warehousing and logistics.

Mantis ensures top warehouse performance with sorter integration at Transcombi Express

Mantis ensures top warehouse performance with sorter integration at Transcombi Express

Transcombi Express, a historic 3PL in Greece, achieves fast and accurate order fulfillment by implementing a modern sorting system in full and seamless integration with Mantis‘ award-winning WMS Logistics Vision Suite/ LVS, reconfirming, this way, the long-lasting partnership between the two companies.

June 7, 2024

Established in 1986, Transcombi Express is a family-owned company and a prominent player in the Greek logistics and freight forwarding industry with services that include storage and distribution, international and intermodal transport. The company primarily serves industries such as FMCG, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, packaging, and industrial products. It operates significant distribution centers near Athens, Aspropyrgos and Oinofita.

Transcombi Express has maintained a long-lasting, mutually beneficial strategic partnership with Mantis. The Mantis WMS / logistics software LVS has empowered the company over the years, enabling it to meet its clients’ constantly evolving needs successfully and, moreover, rapidly and efficiently onboard new clients / depositors.

Transcombi Express is an ambassador of Mantis and LVS and its unique advantages of adaptability, flexibility and scalability as the company witnesses, constant, high warehouse productivity. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of the 3PLs, LVS offers extended capabilities such as value-added services, comprehensive traceability management, billing and costing management etc., enabling Transcombi Expressto provide a very high customer service level. The main reasons for continued partnership with Mantis over the years include Mantis’ high-quality consulting services and reliable after-sales technical support.

To automate its order fulfillment process, Transcombi Express installed a modern sorting system and trusted Mantis’ enhanced, long-term knowledge and experience for the seamless integration of WMS LVS with this Automated Materials Handling System.

The sorting system has 19 order fulfillment exits and 2 rejection exits. Each exit is equipped with a monitor connected to the Mantis WMS so that users can monitor the flow of the order lines and track the progress of the orders. LVS generates and sends group / batch-picking lists to the sorter. The sorting can be executed per order, point of delivery, or zone routing. The sorter’s handling capacity reaches 2,000 boxes or items per hour.

Shortly after the implementation, Transcombi Express achieved:

  • Duplication productivity in the sorting process.
  • Increase sorting process speed, efficiency, and accuracy.
  • Increase order speed and accuracy.
  • Increase overall warehouse productivity.
  • Increase visibility.
  • Daily workflow optimization.

Transcombi Express strongly advocates digitalizing logistics and maintains a long-lasting, mutually beneficial strategic partnership with Mantis. Our WMS technology partner once again effectively supported our high demands. Mantis Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) seamlessly integrated the sorting system, enabling us to deliver a high customer service level. We are excited about the potential of similar successful projects in the future.”
Stelios Kapetanakis, General Manager, Transcombi Express

Mantis named a specialized WMS vendor in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for the fifth consecutive year

Mantis named a specialized WMS vendor in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for the fifth consecutive year

Mantis a leading international Warehouse Management and Logistics Solutions Vendor was named as specialized WMS vendor in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for the 5th consecutive year.

May 24, 2024

Mantis a leading international Warehouse Management and Logistics Solutions Vendor offering unique adaptability & outstanding upgradeability, delivering innovative logistics solutions enterprises tackling sophisticated warehousing & distribution operations and automation has been named a specialized WMS vendor in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for the 5th consecutive year.

Mantis was nominated by Gartner as it is a clear leader in areas like total cost of ownership (TCO), adaptability & flexibility and automation integration.

Mantis Flagship Software Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) offers clients the ability to configure and adapt the WMS to accommodate their extensive requirements with workflows and business rules, iterate picking and putaway logic, add 3PL clients and vendors, create interfaces to 3rd party software and e-commerce platforms! Quickly and easily!

Mantis has a strong local presence, partner network and growing customer base in EMEA and North America especially in territories where many other WMS vendors have no presence. Furthermore, Mantis is gaining new and replacement WMS customers in the DACH region.

Additionally, Mantis offers inventory slotting and advanced analytics to enhance its portfolio and optimize warehouse operations in real-time.

Mantis’s cloud hosting on Microsoft Azure and its scalable seasonal subscription offering is the perfect match to its target midmarket and 3PL customers.

About Gartner

Gartner, Inc. is a technological research and consulting firm based in Stamford, Connecticut, that conducts research on technology and shares this research both through private consulting as well as executive programs and conferences. Its clients include large corporations, government agencies, technology companies, and investment firms.

About the Magic Quadrant

Magic Quadrant (MQ) is a series of market research reports published by IT consulting firm Gartner that relies on proprietary qualitative data analysis methods to demonstrate market trends, such as direction, maturity and participants.

Mantis is excited about the successful launch of the ELS 24 in the USA

Mantis is excited about the successful launch of the ELS 24 in the USA

Mantis has successfully organized the first Enterprise Leadership Summit of North America named ELS 24. The summit took place in Las Vegas, Nevada on 10-12 April 2024.

April 17, 2024

ELS 24 was an exclusive opportunity to discover how the Mantis Warehouse Management System Logistics Vision Suite can help customers and partner take their business to the next level. Attendees could share their best practices with other executives and hear about the latest news and plans of Mantis and ecovium.

More specifically, executives from customers, prospective customers and partners had the chance to explore the ecovium multi-enterprise collaboration network solution, the Mantis roadmap and news. They also had the opportunity to discuss the daily supply chain challenges and agree on best practices and the unbeatable advantages of the Mantis WMS Logistics Vision Suite (LVS).

The success story of Netlog Turkey and Amazon received huge attention when Mr. Ugur Ersop, General Manager of Logistics Operations at Netlog, explained the speed and efficiency of the implementation of LVS as part of the unparallel advantages of their partnership with Mantis for the Amazon project.

ELS 24 wasn’t just about reaching the top – it was also about enjoying the journey, connecting with others, and creating lasting memories. So, whether attendees cooked together with a world-famous chef or enjoyed their cocktails all of them embraced the fun and made the most of the moment!

“I am very impressed with the momentum we have gained in the North American market. We are the clear market leader in warehouse management for Logistic, Retail & Distribution and Manufacturing in almost every country globally we operate in. We are the fastest growing in this region and will further increase our position. Our customers and partners gain unparaleled value through the use of our solutions also across trade & compliance, shipping, transport management and our leading simple chain platform.”
Joerg Jung, CEO ecovium

“We are overwhelmed by the quality of the discussions and the lively participation in our first Enterprise Leadership Summit in North America. ELS 24 was a great success and will be repeated next year. We are already looking forward to our highly valued customers, partners and interested parties.”
Kai Mohr, Head of Mantis Americas

Aquila onboards Hama with Mantis WMS LVS

Aquila onboards Hama with Mantis WMS LVS

Aquila, the leading LSP of consumer goods in Romania and Moldova, running Mantis WMS LVS since 2006, onboarded its new 3PL client, Hama, a leading international electronic accessories brand.

March 28, 2024

Aquila, founded 30 years ago, is the leading sales, storage, distribution, and transportation services provider in the Romanian and Moldovan consumer goods market with an extended portfolio of established brands. The company, listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), has a turnover exceeding 450 million euros and employs approximately 3,000 people. It owns a logistics network of 24 facilities with a total storage capacity of over 124,000 pallets, a modern fleet of over 1,600 vehicles, and reaches more than 67,000 points of sale.

Aquila and Mantis have had a beneficial partnership for the last 18 years. It began when Aquila implemented the Mantis Warehouse Management System / WMS Logistics Vision Suite / LVS in its warehouse premises. Since then, Mantis has been instrumental in helping Aquila tackle market challenges and provide exceptional services to its clients. Using the adaptable, flexible, and scalable Mantis extended Warehouse Management Software, Aquila has confidently delivered high customer service levels to its depositors / clients.

That was also the case for the smooth and fast onboarding of Hama, an international brand that recently partnered with Aquila to outsource its logistics operations. Hama sells a wide range of electronics and home accessories, including over 18,000 SKUs of mobile and smartphones, smart home devices, smart watches, TVs, audio and hi-fi, computers and laptops, and more.

Hama has very demanding logistics requirements due to the high volume of daily orders, the diverse and complex range of products, the significant increase in demand during peak periods such as Black Friday, and the large portion of the piece-picking process. As an electronics company, Hama must also efficiently address obsolescence issues, ensure traceability at item level, and maintain full control of its reverse logistics.

The company has established a strong B2B e-commerce sales channel to serve its ICT end-customers / retailers. Therefore, an advanced WMS software that seamlessly integrates warehouse and distribution operations with carriers is essential for providing elevated customer service.

The common goal of Mantis and Aquila was to rapidly deploy Hama’s logistics operations, without additional manhours and labor costs, so that the customer would witness rapid and significant benefits. The company relied on Mantis’s top warehouse management system for a fast and effective onboarding process with seamless information flow, easy configuration and roll-out, effortless integration with Hama’s systems, client-based parameterization of warehouse operations, workflow automation, and flexible billing and cost management.

The experienced team at Mantis Romania has designed and implemented a high-end solution to automate logistics incorporating pick-by-light technology. The aim was to increase the speed of the piece-picking process and improve accuracy and productivity. Mantis WMS LVS has natively integrated and orchestrated a system of 1,500 pick-by-light locations made possible by Mantis’ proprietary technology, the LVS Warehouse Control System / WCS Light Server, which allows for the full utilization of light driven smart and affordable automation.

The Mantis e-commerce warehouse management system enables Aquila to fast and accurately deliver Hama’s orders to the e-commerce network of ICT retailers. Mantis’s sophisticated Parcel & Less Than Truck Load / LTL management in synergy with Aquila’s IT solutions, merges order fulfillment and shipping into a single, cohesive process, providing an automated solution with multi-courier support.

Simultaneously, Mantis’ top warehouse management system caters to Hama‘s unique requirements by providing an advanced stock aging management system while also ensuring effective serial number tracking and monitoring.

Mantis Romania and the Aquila team successfully transitioned Hama‘s logistics operations to Aquila in only three months. Following the implementation of Mantis WMS LVS, Aquila and Hama achieved impressive results in warehouse productivity, order fulfillment speed and accuracy, high customer satisfaction, inventory visibility, cost reduction, and error elimination.

Mantis was extremely responsive in transferring and integrating our warehouse operations in Aquila. Their deep knowledge of meeting our industry’s demanding requirements led to the rapid design and implementation of a successful warehouse technology solution based on WMS Logistics Vision Suite / LVS. We have full confidence that Mantis and Aquila will continue to support Hama‘s business growth in the future efficiently.”
Costin Nastase, Operations Manager, Hama

“Our sincere appreciation to our long-lasting WMS technology partner, Mantis, for their exceptional contribution in onboarding Hama. Once again, we relied on the powerful Mantis WMS LVS to effectively accommodate our new depositor and deliver a superior level of customer service. We are excited to continue our partnership with Mantis and Hama and explore new opportunities for operational excellence together.”
Doru Fifita, Business Development Director, Aquila

About Hama

Hama is an international brand that offers a wide range of electronic products and home accessories. With over 18,000 SKUs in its product portfolio, Hama provides everything from mobile and smartphones, TVs, smart home devices, gaming, laptops, and computers to tablets and eBooks, photo and video equipment, smart watches, home and living items, sport-travel-free time equipment, as well as school and kindergarten products. Hamahas a strong presence in Europe, with its products accompanying thousands of people every day. The brand operates in 20 international locations, employing around 2,500 people.

About Aquila

Aquila was established 30 years ago and is now a leading company in Romania and Moldova. The company offers cutting-edge integrated services to clients in the FMCG and durable goods industries to help them get their products on the shelf. Aquila‘s services cover logistics, warehousing, transportation, distribution, merchandising, sales, and marketing addressing all sales channels: modern retail, traditional retail, e-Commerce, HoReCa, gas stations and travel retail.

Silco selects Mantis and implements WMS LVS in its Logistics Center

Silco selects Mantis and implements WMS LVS in its Logistics Center

Silco, one of Israel’s largest importers and distributors of disposable and packaging solutions, partners with Mantis and implements Logistics Vision Suite to streamline and optimize its warehouse operations.

March 7, 2024

Silco manages a range of about 2,000 quality disposable products, including a wide range of perishable products tailored to customer needs such as packaging products, cups, cutlery, storage containers, napkins, etc., distributed to about 3,000 customers in restaurants, cafes, catering companies and hotels throughout Israel.

The business growth as well as the customers’ demanding requirements for an even higher customer service level, urged Silco to invest in Warehouse Management (WMS) technology as the only way to address its market’s emerging needs. To do so, Silco chose to inaugurate a strategic partnership with Mantis, an international leader in the WMS market, with a strong client base and a proven track record of successful WMS implementations.

The company trusted the Mantis Israel team of experts for the implementation of the Mantis WMS, LVS which represents a great leap in WMS/logistics technology, offering enterprise-scale true adaptability and flexibility.

Silco, has now the opportunity to better overview its entire storage space and achieve maximum space utilization. The company’s Logistics Centre reaches high levels of order accuracy due to the streamlining of the picking process and all inbound and outbound warehouse operations are optimized leading to a great increase in warehouse productivity.

About Silco

Silco is one of the largest importers of disposable and packaging solutions in Israel. Silco represents many world-leading companies including Solo Cup, Pactiv, Dart, Huhtamaki, Fabri-Kal, Duro, Genpak, Paccor, Amhil, International Paper and more. In 2010, Silco was acquired by BUNZL, a large international group operating in 31 countries with more than 300 companies and a turnover of over £10 billion.

Perfume Unlimited attracts success with Mantis WMS LVS

Perfume Unlimited attracts success with Mantis WMS LVS

Perfume Unlimited, a top wholesaler and distributor of luxury cosmetics, fragrances and beauty products in the United Arab Emirates, has implemented the Mantis top warehouse management system (WMS) LVS in its new, state-of-the-art warehouse facilities in Dubai, to optimize logistics operations and effectively manage warehouse automations.

February 12, 2024

Perfume Unlimited is a leading wholesaler and distributor of luxury fragrances, skincare, haircare, candles, and makeup products. The company, founded in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), represents an extensive portfolio of over 950 brands, including Dior, Gucci, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Carolina Herrera, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, and Tom Ford.

Perfume Unlimited has a strong presence across multiple sales channels. It supplies most of the retail chains, hypermarkets, and wholesalers in the UAE. Additionally, it exports its products to over 75 countries and sells its luxury items through e-commerce marketplaces. All sales channels are served by the company’s new central warehouse, which covers 10,000 square meters and operates 24/7 in three shifts. The warehouse is located in Dubai Investment Park.

To meet its customers’ requirements for fast and accurate deliveries, Perfume Unlimited needs to use various picking and replenishment methods for items, boxes and pallets and follow simultaneous order execution processes per sales channel including domestic, exports and e-commerce. Therefore, a crucial necessity was a robust Warehouse Management System that can streamline and automate the entire warehouse operations, supporting the company’s current and future needs.

Perfume Unlimited has chosen Mantis WMS LVS, an established international warehouse management software, to meet their specific requirements. Mantis WMS LVS proved to be the perfect fit thanks to its exceptional adaptability, flexibility, and upgradeability advantages.

The award-winning WMS LVS, seamlessly integrated with the globally implemented ERP of Perfume Unlimited, optimized all warehouse operations and efficiently orchestrated automated picking.

The Mantis Cyprus team of experts successfully implemented the project and provided consulting services to adapt the technology solutions to the company’s specific needs.

Mantis introduced a high-performance light-directed automation solution, ideal for the B2B and e-commerce business environments where Perfume Unlimited is activated. The company benefits from Mantis LVS Warehouse Control System (WCS) Lights Server, a powerful, highly configurable platform that is natively integrated with the Put Wall (sort-to-light) of the warehouse, operating in 160 slots, and seamlessly orchestrates the picking process, eliminating the need for third-party middleware software. A light indication is also applied to notify of completed orders, followed by automated printing of packing labels. Thanks to its proprietary technology, Mantis LVS WCS Lights Server, drastically improves the overall warehouse productivity.

Perfume Unlimited warehouse is also equipped with SSI Schaefer conveyors and sorters, as well as 4 new VNAs, all driven by the configurable and of a multi-threading design Mantis WMS LVS WCS AMHS (Automated Materials Handling Server), enabling the company to fully exploit the potential of its materials handling automations and achieve best warehouse performance.

Mantis WMS software uses advanced algorithms to direct put-away on the mezzanine zones of 14,000 item picking slots in total, whereas weight stations have been installed for validation before sending totes to picking stations.

Mantis’ flagship WMS LVS has automated the packing process by using a multi-purpose packing station equipped with touch-screen technology to meet the requirements of e-commerce. The re-packing process has also been streamlined to address the specific demands of airfreight and ship carriers. The Mantis warehouse management software directs the loading of trucks to ensure that the correct goods are loaded onto the right vehicle.

Following the implementation of Mantis WMS LVS, Perfume Unlimited witnessed tangible improvements such as:

  • Faster order fulfillment process
  • Improved order accuracy
  • Increased warehouse productivity
  • Better stock visibility
  • Reduced warehouse operational costs
  • Enhanced customer service

“We made an excellent choice by partnering with Mantis to achieve our ambitious goals and satisfy our customers. Mantis‘ extensive knowledge of our industry’s demands, the unique benefits of the flexible and adaptable WMS LVS software, and the exceptional support provided by the Mantis experts were the top three reasons we chose to implement the internationally recognized Mantis WMS in our brand-new distribution center. The positive results we have seen so far confirm our initial decision, and we are looking for new ways to strengthen our collaboration with Mantis.”
Jeetu, Director, Perfume Unlimited

About Perfume Unlimited

Perfume Unlimited LLC is a family-owned business committed to enhancing the quality of life by unleashing the power of fragrance. Founded in 2007, the company deals in luxurious products and ensures that they are available to shoppers at competitive prices. Its main activities include supplying retail chains, hypermarkets, and trading companies, as well as importing and exporting to international markets, organizing large-scale events for customers, and distributing products in the UAE. Perfume Unlimited serves more than 75 countries worldwide.

Mantis empowers BCA College for its Warehousing studies

Mantis empowers BCA College for its Warehousing studies

Mantis, the top international WMS / logistics software and solutions vendor, actively supports the academic community by empowering the Warehousing Lab of BCA College (BCA), the leading institution of business studies in Greece, aiming to boost the future Supply Chain Leaders.

January 10, 2024

Mantis has been a proud sponsor of dynamic university departments in various countries for many years, which are well known for their high-quality academic programs in Logistics & Warehousing and prepare the next generation of logisticians to tackle the challenges of the Supply Chain profession effectively. Mantis shares its unique knowledge on WMS software with ambitious students who participate in warehouse automation Labs and attend training courses produced by Mantis experts.

Mantis Greece, the leading WMS vendor in the country, joined forces with Jungheinrich Greece and Mobile Technology to set up a state-of-the-art Warehousing Lab at the modern campus of BCA College in Athens. The college is renowned for awarding some of the most prestigious diplomas in Greece, with a focus on Supply Chain & Logistics Management.

Mantis, Mobile Technology and Jungheinrich in Greece have established a unique academic collaboration aimed at aligning BCA College’s educational program with the current demands of the market. The collaboration provides valuable, practical training in technology-driven logistics and covers critical aspects of warehouse operations, including WMS software, warehouse equipment, machinery, and storage systems. This is the first such collaboration of its kind in Greece.

The Warehouse Lab was inaugurated during a crowdy ceremony at BCA College, where the students were warmly welcomed and introduced to the fascinating world of cutting-edge WMS software by Mantis‘s top executives.

Vitacom Electronics multiplies warehouse productivity with WMS LVS by Mantis

Vitacom Electronics multiplies warehouse productivity with WMS LVS by Mantis

Vitacom Electronics, a leading Romanian distributor of electronic products and accessories with an international presence, made a significant investment in automated materials handling systems including Autostore AS/RS, which are being optimized to their fullest potential under the exceptional orchestration of Mantis WMS Logistics Vision Suite (LVS).

October 27, 2023

Vitacom operates in the highly competitive electronics and ICT industry, with a portfolio of over 100 global brands and approximately 12,000 SKUs. With sales growth further boosted by the B2B e-commerce channel, Vitacom Electronics is determined to achieve perfect order fulfillment and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction for its clients.

To effectively address market challenges, Vitacom Electronics decided to relocate to a new Logistics Center in Cluj, Romania that is more than double the size of its previous one. This new facility also functions as the company’s headquarters. To support this move, Vitacom Electronics invested heavily in Mantis’ Warehouse Management System and Logistics Solutions, which included the implementation of the award-winning international WMS / Logistics software LVS, alongside the integration and orchestration of the Autostore AS/RS system (Automated Storage & Retrieval System), conveyors and a VNA truck (Very Narrow Aisled).

The project was successfully implemented by Mantis’ valued partner in Romania, Senior Software.

Vitacom Electronics went for Mantis WMS LVS to streamline its warehouse operations, covering all operations from receiving to shipping. This decision was based on the software’s adaptability, flexibility, and scalability, which can accommodate the company’s evolving requirements and provide multiple development options.

With extensive experience in implementing WMS and intralogistics automation projects in the Electronics and ICT sector, LVS meets the specific requirements of electronic goods warehousing such as serial number tracking and monitoring, automated Kitting and Assembly processes, Stock Aging management, Parcel & LTL management, etc. On top of this, Vitacom Electronics introduced the Touch Screen Multipurpose Packing Station, directed by Mantis WMS LVS, to optimize its packing process.

At Vitacom, Autostore AS/RS, an innovative automation system that does not require lanes between storage positions since robots retrieve and transport the containers from above, is seamlessly orchestrated by the Mantis module LVS-WCS AMHS Server (LVS – Warehouse Control System, Automated Materials Handling Server): a high-performance module that natively integrates Materials Handling Equipment / MHE, without the need for middleware software. LVS-WCS AMHS Server also orchestrated conveyors and the VNA Truck, which optimizes the available space by reducing the work aisles.

Vitacom Electronics experienced significant benefits:

  • Increase in order processing capacity up to 10 times!
  • Increase in storage capacity up to 8-10 times!
  • Seamless stock visibility
  • Improved order accuracy
  • High increase in warehouse productivity
  • Faster, automated picking and packing process
  • Elimination of errors

“All processes in the logistics center are very stable and extremely precise. I wouldn’t change anything in the solutions I implemented, and I think that, if I had to choose another solution today, I wouldn’t have something better. Given that we can increase our logistics activity 8-10 times, this technology offers at least 10 years of stability. It is also very important that through these applications, we can answer future market requirements.”
Vasile Andrei Vita, General Manager, Vitacom Electronics

About Vitacom Electronics

Established in 1991, Vitacom Electronics is a top distributor of electronic products and accessories in Romania. They represent more than 100 international brands and provide an extensive selection of products, such as phones, tablets, household appliances, spare parts, security and home automation systems, power sources, audio and video products, gaming accessories, etc.

Mantis showcased its flagship WMS LVS at CSCMP Edge 2023

Mantis showcased its flagship WMS LVS at CSCMP Edge 2023

Mantis, a leading international provider of Warehouse Management System (WMS) software and integrated logistics technology solutions, renewed its exhibiting presence at CSCMP Edge, October 1-4, in Kissimmee – Florida, promoting the unique advantages of the award-winning WMS Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) for vital industries such as 3PL, e-Commerce and more.

October 5, 2023

CSCMP Edge attracts yearly high-level supply chain executives with world-renowned experts, industry leaders, and visionary thinkers inspiring with new ideas on topics that affect today’s supply chain. The robust branded event also hosts 100+ educational sessions and the Supply Chain Exchange Exhibition, where visitors can view demonstrations, equipment, systems, and technologies that provide cutting-edge solutions to a wide range of logistics challenges.

Mantis renewed its exhibiting presence at CSCMP Edge by showcasing the state-of-the-art WMS LVS, which has received the highest global distinction from Gartner by joining the Magic Quadrant for WMS for four consecutive years (2020-2023). Mantis’ visitors got valuable insights regarding the advanced features of the powerful WMS LVS that boost warehouse productivity and efficiency by optimizing and automating all inbound and outbound operations.

Mantis presented notably to 3PLs how they can fast and effectively onboard new clients with the use of innovative WMS technology and underlined crucial to 3PL operations modules such as Client and Location Multitenancy, enterprise-scale Adaptability, Billing and Cost Management, smart and affordable automations, Warehouse Control Tower, LVS Marketplaces and e-Commerce platforms, 3PL Client Portal, etc.

On October 3, Mantis subject matter experts participated in the “Ask the Experts” panel, where they shared top WMS facts for the 3PL business with the audience.