Aquila onboards Hama with Mantis WMS LVS

Aquila, the leading LSP of consumer goods in Romania and Moldova, running Mantis WMS LVS since 2006, onboarded its new 3PL client, Hama, a leading international electronic accessories brand.

March 28, 2024

Aquila, founded 30 years ago, is the leading sales, storage, distribution, and transportation services provider in the Romanian and Moldovan consumer goods market with an extended portfolio of established brands. The company, listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), has a turnover exceeding 450 million euros and employs approximately 3,000 people. It owns a logistics network of 24 facilities with a total storage capacity of over 124,000 pallets, a modern fleet of over 1,600 vehicles, and reaches more than 67,000 points of sale.

Aquila and Mantis have had a beneficial partnership for the last 18 years. It began when Aquila implemented the Mantis Warehouse Management System / WMS Logistics Vision Suite / LVS in its warehouse premises. Since then, Mantis has been instrumental in helping Aquila tackle market challenges and provide exceptional services to its clients. Using the adaptable, flexible, and scalable Mantis extended Warehouse Management Software, Aquila has confidently delivered high customer service levels to its depositors / clients.

That was also the case for the smooth and fast onboarding of Hama, an international brand that recently partnered with Aquila to outsource its logistics operations. Hama sells a wide range of electronics and home accessories, including over 18,000 SKUs of mobile and smartphones, smart home devices, smart watches, TVs, audio and hi-fi, computers and laptops, and more.

Hama has very demanding logistics requirements due to the high volume of daily orders, the diverse and complex range of products, the significant increase in demand during peak periods such as Black Friday, and the large portion of the piece-picking process. As an electronics company, Hama must also efficiently address obsolescence issues, ensure traceability at item level, and maintain full control of its reverse logistics.

The company has established a strong B2B e-commerce sales channel to serve its ICT end-customers / retailers. Therefore, an advanced WMS software that seamlessly integrates warehouse and distribution operations with carriers is essential for providing elevated customer service.

The common goal of Mantis and Aquila was to rapidly deploy Hama’s logistics operations, without additional manhours and labor costs, so that the customer would witness rapid and significant benefits. The company relied on Mantis’s top warehouse management system for a fast and effective onboarding process with seamless information flow, easy configuration and roll-out, effortless integration with Hama’s systems, client-based parameterization of warehouse operations, workflow automation, and flexible billing and cost management.

The experienced team at Mantis Romania has designed and implemented a high-end solution to automate logistics incorporating pick-by-light technology. The aim was to increase the speed of the piece-picking process and improve accuracy and productivity. Mantis WMS LVS has natively integrated and orchestrated a system of 1,500 pick-by-light locations made possible by Mantis’ proprietary technology, the LVS Warehouse Control System / WCS Light Server, which allows for the full utilization of light driven smart and affordable automation.

The Mantis e-commerce warehouse management system enables Aquila to fast and accurately deliver Hama’s orders to the e-commerce network of ICT retailers. Mantis’s sophisticated Parcel & Less Than Truck Load / LTL management in synergy with Aquila’s IT solutions, merges order fulfillment and shipping into a single, cohesive process, providing an automated solution with multi-courier support.

Simultaneously, Mantis’ top warehouse management system caters to Hama‘s unique requirements by providing an advanced stock aging management system while also ensuring effective serial number tracking and monitoring.

Mantis Romania and the Aquila team successfully transitioned Hama‘s logistics operations to Aquila in only three months. Following the implementation of Mantis WMS LVS, Aquila and Hama achieved impressive results in warehouse productivity, order fulfillment speed and accuracy, high customer satisfaction, inventory visibility, cost reduction, and error elimination.

Mantis was extremely responsive in transferring and integrating our warehouse operations in Aquila. Their deep knowledge of meeting our industry’s demanding requirements led to the rapid design and implementation of a successful warehouse technology solution based on WMS Logistics Vision Suite / LVS. We have full confidence that Mantis and Aquila will continue to support Hama‘s business growth in the future efficiently.”
Costin Nastase, Operations Manager, Hama

“Our sincere appreciation to our long-lasting WMS technology partner, Mantis, for their exceptional contribution in onboarding Hama. Once again, we relied on the powerful Mantis WMS LVS to effectively accommodate our new depositor and deliver a superior level of customer service. We are excited to continue our partnership with Mantis and Hama and explore new opportunities for operational excellence together.”
Doru Fifita, Business Development Director, Aquila

About Hama

Hama is an international brand that offers a wide range of electronic products and home accessories. With over 18,000 SKUs in its product portfolio, Hama provides everything from mobile and smartphones, TVs, smart home devices, gaming, laptops, and computers to tablets and eBooks, photo and video equipment, smart watches, home and living items, sport-travel-free time equipment, as well as school and kindergarten products. Hamahas a strong presence in Europe, with its products accompanying thousands of people every day. The brand operates in 20 international locations, employing around 2,500 people.

About Aquila

Aquila was established 30 years ago and is now a leading company in Romania and Moldova. The company offers cutting-edge integrated services to clients in the FMCG and durable goods industries to help them get their products on the shelf. Aquila‘s services cover logistics, warehousing, transportation, distribution, merchandising, sales, and marketing addressing all sales channels: modern retail, traditional retail, e-Commerce, HoReCa, gas stations and travel retail.